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5 toy guns to gift to Krzysztof Piątek


5 toy guns to gift to Krzysztof Piątek Piątekmania

Krzysztof Piątek took a shot at Serie A and this is a fact: Genoa’s striker at the start of the season always scored (literally always: he went in goal every day, even in the Italian Cup), then after the Ballardini's exoneration has slowed down his average, but in the meantime we already fell in love with him. However, he still leads the scoring table with 12 goals, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo (11). A good result for a boy who came as a “Mr. Nobody”.

In this first part of the championship we have been able to see closely his guns after every goal, who knows if in January he will migrate to other shores or if he will still be at the center of Genoa's attack. In the meantime, despite it’s not Piątek's birthday (he was born on July 1, 1995), we decided to give him a present, as grandparents do with grandchildren who take a good grade at school. After all it is Christmas, and what better gift of a game, for a player who plays in the Preziosi society? So let's go on the safe side, given its peculiar exultation, and see what toy weapons would be the case to give to the rossoblu striker.


#1 Super Liquidator

First motivation: he was born on July 1st, so it would be nice to give him a toy that he can use on his birthday. Second motivation: he was born on July 1st, so it would be nice to give him something to protect himself peacefully from all the teams who will try to buy him as soon as the summer transfer session opens. Third motivation: he can use it during celebrations.



 #2 Laser gun

Piątek seems to come from a distant world, seems to have popped out of nowhere. Perhaps he has fallen from space, he has forgotten his past, he was once a star warrior who fought against the Empire. Or you simply dream of being like it, like children do.



#3 Far West gun

Just like that one used by Piątek in his celebration. Perhaps it would be appropriate to give him at least a couple in this case, not to ruin his beautiful choreography.



#4 Indian bow 

If you want, it is also possible to combine it with a rectangular target with the figure of a porter sliding right and left. We are sure that Piątek would have no problem shooting arrows on goal.



#5 Italian tri-color sling 

To leave him a kitsch souvenir of our country when he leaves the Serie A to join Real Madrid-Bayern Munich-PSG-Barcelona.


Bonus toy - Vodka-shoots gun

Returning to the birthday, a gun like that could make him comfortable: a hyper-friendly gadget for every type of party, obviously not only shoots vodka but any type of alcohol you want. Also the Tavernello, to say. Although perhaps "Tavernello-shoots gun" is not the best. So, vodka party.