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7 legit questions about Sergio Pellissier

We just love him

7 legit questions about Sergio Pellissier We just love him

In a game with a final written by now, while you are lying on the couch watching the minutes that pass and Milan winning 3-0 at home against Chievo, something happens. A timely event like the autumn rain, like the red light when you're in a hurry, like the hunger that bites your stomach from midday and a half and you're watching the minutes waiting for the lunch break as you are watching the minutes waiting for the end of the match and then Tac, he scores. The country boy, your neighbor, the forty year old who parades in front of you while you trudge after five minutes of jogging: all this is Sergio Pellissier, who has scored at San Siro. Again.


Pellissier pulled hard at the door, the ball came in and you jumped on the couch and you said something. You talked to your father, your best friend, your neighbor, Siri, anyone who was within 5 meters. Because something had to be said to comment on that event. Something like:


#1 But had not he retired himself? 

No, no. This summer he renewed his contract with Chievo until 2019 and still has not decided whether he will stop playing at the end of this season or not. Official statements have not come, so Pellissier can safely continue to blow people off the couch. Then maybe one day he'll end up on the couch. But as an old man said, but in the battle he did not seem so old (he was 90 years old): "This is not the day". 


#2 But how old is he?

And immediately Wikipedia gets another click. Pellissier was born on April 12th, 1979, so he is 39 years old. So in a few months he will make 40. And still play in Serie A, while the Cutrone explode and the Pellegri migrate to Monaco.


#3 I mean it could be my father?

Mmm, maybe yes, it depends on when you were born. Surely he could be Donnarumma's father, since between the two they spend twenty years. When Pellissier was born, wireless telephones did not exist and the Pokémon were not invented. When Pellissier was born, Germany was divided into two while the USSR was one. When Pellissier was born could be the classic broadcast in the late evening on Rai 3.


# 4 But how long has he been at Chievo?

For a long time: Pellissier has been permanently at Chievo since 2002, then for 16 years (shortly they will become 17) (and in two years, if he still had to decide to continue his career as a player, Pellissier's years at Chievo would become adults) . Some other pill: with this jersey he played more than 500 games and in Serie A he scored 109 goals, entering the top 10 of all the scorers of all time with only one jacket. Together with the various Totti and Del Piero, to say.


#5 But then was it always the same?

True, the years for Pellissier never seem to pass: he has the same look since he is 23, he does not care about fashion. He only cares about playing. He is only interested in playing with Chievo's shirt. He is only interested in playing with Chievo's shirt and scoring. (However, it's not true, it's just an impression, something has changed, like yesterday he had a goatee and today he has a beard).


# 6 Old age charrua?

The last word for the forties! Always them! The last word in football is theirs! They have a different heart, do you understand it or not?! The claw that scratches, which leaves its mark in the history of Chievo! This is the story that repeats itself!


#7 But why does not Mancini call him in the national team?

Come on, in fact a chance would deserve it. Another, after that single presence dated 2009. Ah, on that occasion obviously marked. So:



Bonus Exclamation - At the end, he always eats panettone


At most, the Pandoro, come on.

Italian Cup derby between Chievo and Hellas. The captains, instead of the traditional pennants, exchanged a Pandoro Paluani and a bottle of Sartori Wine