It was the most hype jersey of the 2018 World Cup, that of Nigeria for home games. Now, Primark has created a t-shirt inspired by the famous Super Eagles uniform and is selling it for only £ 9. The zebra-colored design of the same color, the crest almost identical to the Nigerian one and the word 'DIABLO' to replace the word 'NAIJA' of the African training shirt nail the British fast fashion company, which is not new to the events like this. A recent case concerns a makeup line that, according to consumers, has been copied by Fenty Beauty.


Despite this, this is the first time that Primark has plagiarized a football jersey. The shirt in question, signed Nike, has recorded the absolute record of jerseys sold in absolute during this summer, exceeding the amount of 3,000,000 pieces thanks to the massive publicity by Nike itself towards the shirt of the African national, promoted with collaborations with Off-White and seen on popular artists in music, such as Skepta. At the moment, the Oregon brand has not taken any measures. Any updates will be released later on our website.

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