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10 beautiful goals from Fabio Quagliarella

The backheel against Napoli is just the latest of a long series: here's the Top 10 of his super goals

10 beautiful goals from Fabio Quagliarella The backheel against Napoli is just the latest of a long series: here's the Top 10 of his super goals

Fabio Quagliarella has switched his jersey eight times in his lifetime and now, at 35 y.o., he has probably reached the most complete football maturation status. Looking back on her career, there's something in common between his seasons with Torino, Florentia Viola, Chieti, Ascoli, Sampdoria, Udinese, Napoli and Juventus: a series of beautiful goals. Those of Fabio Quagliarella from Castellammare di Stabia have now become part of a pleasant routine: the last super goal scored last Sunday evening against Napoli (the 128th in Serie A), as well as having kindled Marassi's crowd, have quickly became popular all over the world. Is this the best goal of the season even if we're still in September? Will we see him again among the candidates for the next Puskas Award? Waiting to dissolve these little doubts, get comfortable and stop whatever you are doing: let's review his 10 best goals scored in his career.


1) Atalanta-Sampdoria 3-2 (October 22, 2006)

His adventure in Serie A begins at the age of 22 with Ascoli, but from 2006 he was part of the Walter Novellino's Samp and start to offer the first real roars: on October 22nd he exploited of the absence of Flachi and Bazzani and recorded his first Serie A brace in the 3-2 away lost against Atalanta. Cant' stop to watch his completely voluntary panenka with which he exceed the goalkeeper, marked with the left foot (with he has less confidence).




2) Reggina-Sampdoria 0-1 (December 17, 2006)

The 2006/2007 season for Quagliarella ended with a brilliant report, 13 goals on 35 appearances. A massive goal but above all really inexplicable is that scored at Granillo against Reggina: note the ability with which it manages to coordinate back to the goal despite the suffocating Lanzaro's mark.




3) Chievo Verona-Sampdoria 2-1 (1 April 2007)

We are talking about unexplained goals, so how to judge the one scored at the Bentegodi against Chievo? A masterpiece that highlights one of the great qualities of the striker born in Campania, the nose for goal even when the opposing goals is tremendously far.




4) Lithuania-Italy 0-2 (6 June 2007)

In 2007 Fabio inevitably deserve to wear Italy's major squad jersey, with Donadoni as a coach: after the debut for a few minutes against Scotland, he was in the starting lineup in Kaunas, against Lithuania. The 2-0 for the Azzurri only brings his name with two gems from outside the area, among which we have chosen the second shot with a great right-foot bomb.




5) Napoli-Udinese 2-2 (31st January 2009)

Now we open an important chapter, the one related to Napoli, for which and against who Quagliarella scored so much: in 2009 with Udinese's shirt he froze the San Paolo attendance with a goal from perfect coordination, so as to be rewarded as the most beautiful goal of the year. Where is the news? Which on the occasion of that goal he exult a lot, a habit that has definitely lost over the years.




6) Atalanta-Napoli 0-2 (6 January 2010)

Next season Quagliarella changed his shirt and wore that of Napoli: we are once again at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia of Bergamo (a stadium that evidently inspires him a lot) when, at the first ball touched in the game, he thrown a right foot missile totally unexpected, another beauty of his deep repertory.




7) Slovakia-Italy 3-2 (24 June 2010)

After a few months Quagliarella was choosen in the 23 man squad for South Africa's World Cup, where the Italian national team was called to defend the 2006 world title. The expedition, unfortunately, did not go well but the striker with the number 18 on his shoulders was undoubtedly a positive notes: in the last game disputed in Johannesburg he played only 45 minutes by recording an assist and a superb goal, even if useless.




8) Juventus-Chievo Verona 2-0 (22 September 2012)

In the 'Quaglia' career there was also four seasons, and three Italian championships, with Juventus: between goals to Napoli (do you have doubts about it?) and important european goals there were also authentic pearls like the corner bycicle kics (a personal trademark) against Chievo, one of his favorite victims.




9) Napoli-Torino 2-1 (October 5, 2014)

The umpteenth displeasure to the Napoli fans dates back four years ago, with the Torino shirt, when he holed the Neapolitan defense with a goal of excellent workmanship: running on the edge of the offside, stopping in the air and shotting in a great way whit a right crossed shot. A complete striker's goal, as a professional who does not feel the slightest pressure to face his favorite team.




10) Sampdoria-Napoli 3-0 (2 September 2018)


Quagliarella returned to Sampdoria and he's back from a record season: 19 goals in the Serie A as his best performance ever. But, as they say while talking about champions, 'the best is yet to come' and here he is scoring again against Napoli with a goal so beautiful that does not need captions.