It has been a long time since we waited for a new release from Patta and could only be the Appelsap Festival to give the impulse to the Dutch brand, which has created an exclusive new t-shirt. For 20 years, Patta has been supporting one of the coolest music events of the year on the Dutch electro-hip scene, which will begin on 11 August in Flevopark, Amsterdam, and where Patta Soundsystem will have its own stage.

Here's the new Patta x Appelsap tee The new Dutch brand's t-shirt for the 2018 edition of the festival settled in Amsterdam next week-end | Image 0

The tee is white, entirely covered with flags from around the world to represent their friends, role models, and co-conspirators. On the chest, as usual, the word Patta, there are also the panther club crest and the initials P.N.C. respectively to the left and to the right of the large central logo. 

The t-shirt will be on sale from next August 9 on the Patta online store.