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"Brothers of the world" E02 - Ilaria Grande & Valeria Semushina

The two protagonists interpret the meaning of "Brothers of the world"

Brothers of the world E02 - Ilaria Grande & Valeria Semushina  The two protagonists interpret the meaning of Brothers of the world

Brothers Of The World means union, to think together, in big and only in this way to create something special.

In 2018 sport and fashion speak the same language, two realities that have come together to collaborate and communicate to the world through the talent and passion of those behind them. Women are the spokesperson for a changing world, with force and determination they take their steps, to change the rules of the game, to mix the cards and astound. The Girl Power has always been supported by Nike, a brand that appeals to girls and women who want to participate in today's world, ready to look forward to a bright future, all to be discovered.

Ilaria Grande and Valeria Semushina were chosen by Nike as protagonists of Brothers of the World. Discover them with us in these exclusive videos.

Ilaria Grande, born in 1995, streetwear is her daily bread and with Nike she launched herself to the discovery of that constantly changing world: people of different cultures, coming from different countries that, like her, have been enveloped by the Big City without never forget the roots. Armed with sneakers, takes her first steps in the magical Milan and the rest... it's all yet to be written.

Valeria Semushina sees Nike as a tool capable of fighting adversity, because together is better, and so Brothers of the World chooses her as a focus character of its journey. Looking at the world positively, taking every opportunity and starting to discover oneself without fear but always with courage.

Brothers of the world is the Nike campaign that tells the contamination between football and the city's street culture through workshops, exhibitions, short-movies and football played. This short is the second of a series that you can follow exclusively on nss magazine, to tell the new international vibe of Milan.