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[VIDEO] Nike's "Choose Go" spectacular short film

Nike knows something about proper advertising

[VIDEO] Nike's Choose Go spectacular short film Nike knows something about proper advertising

Less than a month after the release of the notable "Nothing beats a Londoner" short film, Nike has released another impressive spot dedicated to the world of running. The "Choose Go" spot starts from the simple and absurd question "what would happen if the earth stopped spinning?" The answer from Nike is "simple we should all have to run like hamsters on a wheel". The spot is full of Nike faces: there are Cavani and Mbappé to lead the march in Paris, Kobe Bryant on a helicopter, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Simone Biles and Mo Farah. Many cameos are characters from the show and American television such as comedian Kevin Hart, science divulter Bill Nye and Sadie Sink, from Stranger Things. Unlike Nothing Beats in Londoner, the spot is still dedicated to the two new racing silo produced by Nike: the VaporMax and the most recent Epic React Flyknit, which appear repeatedly during the film in an unobtrusive way.


The short film is produced by the agency Must be something under the direction of Edgar Wright for Anonymous Content - effectively balances the narrative and endorsment aspect of the testimonials. For the quality of directing and editing the spot looks more like a short movie, suitable for firing on YouTube rather than a social feed. With Choose Go and Nothing Beats in Londoner, Nike's strategy seems to focus more on quality content, in which the product is put in the background in favor of the "faces" of the testimonials with an ironic key and above all a very high quality film. The distance between Nike and adidas is always deeper even in the commercials, with the German brand focusing more on viral clips - like the latest series starring Messi, Suarez and F2 - more than the filmic quality of the commercials.

Funfacts about the commercial in numbers provided by Nike:

#2: The number of hamsters trained for five days to ensure one could execute the daylight performance. Why? Hamsters are nocturnal runners. 

#5 The number of takes Kobe Bryant took to complete his scene, in which he wears a tear-away suit made with hundreds of tiny snaps that held the suit together. 

#15 The number of minutes a Parisian street could be closed for each take of Edinson Cavani’s shoot. After every 15-minute interval, the street reopened for public crossing. It is estimated that Cavani signed 100 autographs during each break.

#6453 The home address of the film’s hero. The number spells out N-I-K-E on a keypad, and in reverse, it’s also legendary runner Steve Prefontaine’s best time in the mile to the tenth of a second: 3:54:6. 

Good job, Swoosh!