[UPDATE] This afternoon, Ernia posted a video on his Instagram profile, confirming what we've told you yesterday, and therefore the upcoming partnership between AC Milan and PUMA.


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After the split between AC Milan and adidas, the mystery around the next Milan’s kit manufacturer is hyped as ever. Since December, rumors about possible new sponsorship deal are booming in the Rossoneri digital universe in Milan, but for the moment there was no official statement from the club or any big sports brand. Although today a video posted on Instagram by Thaurus Music could confirm the possible AC Milan’s sponsor: PUMA. The video was shot in a recording studio and sees the Milan-based rapper Ernia freestyling on a mic. If you pay attention to the lyrics of the rap song, the young rapper mentioned twice AC Milan along with some indirect references to football jersey and PUMA.


For those of you who don’t know Ernia, the kid is one of the most successful young rappers from the new Italian generation, with tons of views on YouTube and collaborations with legacy Italian rappers. In the powerful freestyle the young rapper - who has always been an AC Milan supporter - says in Italian:

I was already a Milan fan in the cradle because there are no remedies/
And now the Milan wears the skin of the PUMA

The reference to the German brand seems very straightforward. The new Italian rap wave is just starting to experiencing the contamination of football, rap and street culture like it already happened in France with MHD and other rappers. In the video there is also a second direct reference to the shirt’s change:

The jersey changes, but the colours remain the same

So the doubt seems legit: what is the link between AC Milan, Ernia and PUMA? Are they all working together on something? We tried to reach the young rapper but he declines every comment on the stolen footage video. Also AC Milan did not say anything about it, probably to preserve the relaunch of the team under Gattuso’s lead. We will keep you updated on every new progress of the story.


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