Being one of the most expensive players in football history is not always an easy job. It wasn't for Neymar last night at the Allianz Arena when Bayern Munich slapped PSG for three times and gained the lead in their Champions' League group. It wasn't easy for sure when Bayern Munich fans printed up customized counterfeit €500 notes with Neymar’s face on them:


And throw them to the Brazilian player at the 34th minute of the game he was kicking a corner.

Neymar's money Bayern Munich fans throw fake money at Neymar as their side give PSG a reality check | Image 0

Neymar clearly saw the notes as they fluttered to the ground, and almost seemed to crack a smile. He cleared them out of the way with his foot and went about his business. He likely didn’t get to see that his face was emblazoned on them. Bayern Munich fans were protesting PSG business policies even in the first leg of the Champions League when they exposed this banner protesting the ticket's price.