December usually means a lot of things: Christmas, presents, vacations, snow… And annual charts. Unfailingly, every kind of char about the past year, and of course 2017 makes no exception. Anticipating all others, Instagram released its usual “Year in Review”, with all the social statistics of the last 12 months (11, as December just started). No need to say that, but this chart as one particular footballer as the protagonist, one that has been being on fire on the pitch and on social media. Any guess, people?

Cristiano Ronaldo dominates 2017 Instagram charts Second most-followed user in the world, first for gained followers this year, and author of the most-viewed video | Image 0

Well, it’s an easy win. Of course, we’re talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, global superstar that can reach something like 300 million people through his social profiles. According to Instagram report, Real Madrid striker is the second most-followed user in the world, with more than 116M followers. He’s just behind the undisputed number one Selena Gomez (130M followers) and a tiny million before Ariana Grande, that has 115M followers. Other than being the only footballer in this chart, the Portuguese is also the celebrity who gained most followers this year, with +30M. In this particular chart, though, there also are Leo Messi, sixth with a +21M follower, and Neymar, that in 2017 gained 20M people. 

New animal in the building Bugatti Chiron

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The Brazilian is also secondo - the only footballer - among the stars with the most viewed Instagram Stories of the year, behind the Venezuelan model Lele Pons. Back to Ronaldo, that can praise five of the ten most-viewed Instagram videos of 2017. The first place is held by his brand new Bugatti Chiron, just behind the video-tribute posted by Leo Messi for former teammate Neymar Jr. We don’t even tell you the numbers of these videos, cause they’re truly behind comprehension.