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Wimbledon style

All the best outfits of one of the most important tournaments in tennis world

Wimbledon style All the best outfits of one of the most important tournaments in tennis world

The time for Wimbledon has started. After leaving behind the tenth conquest of Rafa Nadal at Rolland Garros, now it is time to return to the English law which gives so many joys and pains each year. This 2017 has given us so many surprises and demonstrations, starting with the success of Roger Federer and the Majorcan: on the English lawn, a new edition starts which is both balanced and unpredictable and where the meteorological conditions remain the biggest question.

 nss sports will be at the tournament (follow our updates on Instagram) and we wanted to re-emulate the emotions of the past through some of the most iconic victories of the winners of the prestigious The Championships, Wimbledon, that contributed to the born of truly fashion myth like Fred Perry. It starts in 1992 and finishes in 2011, the year of the first passage of deliveries to the male territory. The only thing left to do is to continue to browse!


Agassi 1992

Andre Agassi brought home his first Grand Slam, wearing Nike, after winning Ivanisevic. After a very long match, the American tennis player wins the fifth set 6-4, becoming definitely one of the greatest. He has recently dedicated a wonderful interview on Sky Sport in which Agassi relives his love-hate for tennis: certainly recommended for those wishing to dive into an incredible story.

Sampras 1993

A year later it was Pete Sampras moment, sponsored by Sergio Tacchini, he won Wimbledon by knocking down Jim Courier in the final. In this case, it was the second time Sampras won a Slam, taking into account his previous success at the US Open. Even in this case, it was just the first of a long winning streak for Andre Agassi's great rival.

Federer 2007 

After a time jump of fourteen years, we come to Wimbledon's fifth victory for Roger Federer. He defeated Rafa Nadal again in the final, in that one which was about to become one of the most important rivalries in tennis history. On that occasion, during the award ceremony Federer, Nike's testimonial, dressed a sandy jacket worthy of the greatest.

Nadal 2008

Only a year later, it was Rafa Nadal's moment to beat Roger in an infinite final, which lasted more than 7 hours, and finished at tie-breaks of the fifth set. On that occasion, Nadal, another great Nike’s testimonial, played with a tank top which left his arms uncovered that will guide him to the first Wimbledon in his career.


Djokovic 2011

The first of the three Wimbledon won by the Serbian so far. He was a Nole Djokovic from other times: wearing Sergio Tacchini. Nole beat Nadal in a match that was dominated by him. This victory began to shake off the reign of Federer-Nadal, who from that moment on came to see it with an additional phenomenon.