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The importance of the choice of Muntari

Our position in the occasion of the racist boo against the Ghanaian midfielder

The importance of the choice of Muntari  Our position in the occasion of the racist boo against the Ghanaian midfielder

As reported by the vast majority of national and international newspapers, last Sunday in Cagliari, during a match of the Italian league between Cagliari and Pescara, a new act of incivility involved us and our fellow citizens. If we assume that all of us, or nearly all, have come to know what happened in Sant’Elia, then it becomes necessary to reflect on some of the topics that concern us directly and that unfortunately despite the passing of the years and the civilization – as they say – are still the main reason for the clash in the world of sports. In this situation even the UN wanted to make its voice heard through the High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, who has asked FIFA to pay more attention to the persistent problem of racism at the stadiums. Just a few days ago, another unpleasant episode took place in Ukraine where some Dinamo Kiev fans disguised as members of Ku Klux Klan made the alarm sound again.

If we think that just a few months ago we started the year 2017, then it becomes necessary both for the institutions and for the citizens of every country country to find a clear and determined way to marginalise all those who think that the colour of the skin is a discriminating factor. History has taught us that racial discrimination only leads to instability in a social system which is already unfair: sport, understood as a mean of union and strength, has shown us several positive examples of athletes who, despite their skin colour, have been able to shine, demonstrating to the world that with willpower everything is possible.

However, if sport is to become the ultimate mean to vent idiocy, then, what is it left of it? It is useless to hide that despite the fact that society has changed, discrimination continues to exist. The thing which is most upsetting is that a player, in this case Muntari, has felt so offended that he had to leave the field. Did he lose? Did Pescara lose? Did Cagliari lose? Did the referee lose? Actually, we all lost, and we are at the same time accomplices of this latest episode of racism. Without going to far away, it is enough to think about the reaction some fans had during the competition when De Sciglio or Nagatomo missed a chance in the field. Although these cases do not involve the colour of the skin, what is the right of a human being to insult another human being for just getting a move wrong or underperforming? One tip: the salary of a sportsman is not to be considered as a discriminating factor. 

It is obvious that racism is not only a matter which concerns our country, but the world in general. Nevertheless, it is often thought that, especially at our stadiums, the silence of those around prevails over the desire to fight a secular phenomenon. I have always thought that education comes from respect, because it is from by respecting others that social and sports equality is born: without it, we will all, sooner or later, be defeated.