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Are you ready to conquer Europe?

Footboly  Are you ready to conquer Europe?

Four leagues: Italian Serie A, Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga (together) and the wealthy Premier League
Six characters: the billionaire, the swagger, the legend, the president, the manager and the sheikh.
One only goal: the conquest of European football.
Footboly is a football-themed Monopoly with which you will able to challenge your friend with Golden Balls, Lambo rides, 90’ goals and betting scandal, with the gloves off. Ideated and realized entirely by nss factory, Footboly mix two different worlds which people love to live in company: football and table games.
You only need to choose your favorite character, go for a ride though the stadiums assigned to you and start to play!

You can download Footboly for free


In the zip file your will find a 40x40 cm board, the Golden and Silver Balls that you would use as “money” to buy stadiums, proprieties and build the success of your Europa and Champions League. You will also find the cards with the stadium and the complete instructions. Finally, the characters: we suggest you to print them on a thicker paper, at least 0.5 mm, and set them up as showed by the GIF.