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The broken dream

Flashback to six months ago, in Leicester: by Joe Perch

The broken dream Flashback to six months ago, in Leicester: by Joe Perch
Joe Perch

Claudio Ranieri didn’t hide the sadness of the broken dream, the day after he was removed as Leicester manager. A sadness that was condensed in that sentence so sincere: “I would be here forever”. He touched the sky, and he gave it to his fans. Claudio Ranieri made fell in love and entire city, not only for the incredible victory, but also for that so lovely figure of a normal man, that the fans recognized and adored. In the saddest day for the city of Leicester, we want to go back to the happiest day, when the whole city exploded in a never ending party. We do it with the photo-reportage of Joe Perch, young English photographer who was in Leicester in the parade day and send us this pictures. Few shots, capable to grab the atmosphere and the dimension of a little miracle.

"I might not be a foxes fan but as a football fan the nine months I spent in Leicester were unforgettable. What was unfolding took over the city like nothing I have experienced before. I might not have been able to get any tickets to matches but I can pinpoint where I was and what I was doing for all the iconic moments of the season, from Vardy's record-breaking goal against Manchester United to his volley against Liverpool, you could hear the noise from the King Power wherever you were. From the moment Eden Hazard crowned Leicester champions with a beautiful equalizer against Spurs on May 2nd until the trophy parade on the 16th, the city was one big party and it was in that period of time that I took these photographs. Looking back on them as a photographer I wish I had made more of the opportunity I had on my doorstep, but as a lover of football I am thankful that I didn't get too lost in my camera and instead experienced the Leicester fairytale in all its magic".