Jet Project merges two old-school crate diggers, b-boys, acid-house fanatics, and are one of the few DJ duos left still obsessively mining gold from that mine of feeling called "house". From their trove of sound extractions, T-Bone and JMX release the single ‘Say the Word’ feat. Robert Owens on June 11th, with remixes from Riva Starr and Joyce Muniz.


The new single, ‘Say the Word’, comes from their upcoming album ‘So Fly’, which takes in 20 years of house music, Detroit techno, and the idiosyncratic music stylings of two Irishmen who met over a crate in a second-hand record store who remain firm friends and DJ partners today. ‘Say the Word’ emulates this mixture of influences, using solid retro 90’s house synths blended with upbeat snares, laid down behind the soulful vocals of the legendary Robert Owens.

"It’s our take on the Belfast house scene as well as nods to the historic centres of house like Chicago, New York and London." Says JMX (John McIver), "For us it's about getting the old school/new school balance just right: fresh synth lines, 909 drum programming, a hypnotic bassline and a killer vocal."  


Robert Owens is one of the figures most associated with the late-'80s to early 90’s golden era of Chicago house. He grew up singing in church and made a name for himself as one of the only successful male vocalists on the scene, producing recognised tracks such as, ‘I’ll be your friend’ and ‘Mine To Give’. His appearance on Jet Projects ‘Say the Word’ compliments the tracks reminiscence of some of house music’s most celebrated years. The track creates a warehouse drama that will get crowds moving in clubs across the globe. The remix from Joyce Muniz adds a more minimal take on the track you can instantly imagine played out at a Sunday rave, while Riva’s remix brings in the bass for a summer feel that transports you to the beach parties of Ibiza.


The Jet Project are Belfast's true house maestros and draw all the cities myriad of influences into a single locked groove - new-style house music with a respect for the forefathers. Jets own respectful rubs of house and techno classics have detonated the floors of Panorama Bar, BackToBasics & Fabric.