El futbol sudamericano is still dirty, emotional, crazy and wrong. It is a sum of all the contradictions of a continent that has always mixed the love for football with politics, culture and ordinary life. During the last qualification round, everything happened: the Argentinian psychodrama passing in two days from hell to paradise thanks to their Messiah, the "biscuit" between Perù and Colombia, commentators that go wild on every golazo. Overall the atmosphere is different from European football: we are used to polite, cold and telegenic games when the National teams are playing, there is still a question of life and death. 
Let's recap the craziest moment from the last days.


It's a State deal

The Peruvian government allows the public employees to leave the office earlier to watch the game against Colombia.

Even better: the Panama's government officially announced a national day in the country to celebrate the first qualification ever to the World Cup. 


Staying in Panama

Everyone - even ball-boys - contributed to the victory.

And from the commentators' reaction, it was worth it.



Dirty stuff

Claudio Bravo's wife - captain of the Chilean national team - complained that some of the players come to the training session drunk or hangovered.


Instead, the Venezuelan coach said that in the hotel where they were staying in Paraguay some ladies attempt to seduce the players the night before the game. The players confirmed the news.


Radamel Falcao is been accused of fixing the match with Perù: both teams needed just one point to reach Russia, and the game ended up 1-1. He was probably talking about some politics. 



It could go wayyyy worst

Messi saved Argentina with an incredible match in which he scored three goals. Thank him twice, because if the Seleccion did not qualify, the Civil War was threatening in Buenos Aires. And they were all ready.