Studio and radio producer, but first DJ, since her debut in 2012 Elisa Bee has lived and experienced club culture in every aspect by coming to work with several international artists and producers who have revealed her fluid attitude toward the fusion and blending of several musical genres and inspirations.

Mind Game is her new EP produced for the prestigious London label Unknown To The Unknown: six tracks in which the sounds of the cosmos are reworked and experimented with a techno key.

Have you ever heard the sound of a pulsar?


#1 You have a new EP releasing soon, Mind Game, what can you tell us about it? What are its inspirations?

I can certainly tell you that it is the work I am most proud of; the six tracks that make it really represent me. I'm very happy with the sound, the structure, and the general mood. In the past year I have produced so much music, this EP is only a part of it; all this material has been inspired by the research through excavating in the past of underground electronic music (late 80's and 90's, mostly) and my biggest "non-musical" passions that are physics, philosophy, mysticism.


#2 Is there a particular part of the project that has thrilled you?

Well, surely the creative one, the moment I turned everything into music what fascinated me. To be passionate about physics, for example, leads to a whole new look and triggers strong stimuli, which in my case lead to the transcription of certain concepts and visions into music.


#3 How was working with a label like Unknown To The Unknown?

Working with them really makes me proud because it is a label that I follow very much and that I admire; when you're sending your demos around is really all unknown, so getting an answer and getting it positive at first shot can only cause enthusiasm!


#4 Is there anything in particular that you will keep inside you of this experience?

The excitement of transforming visions read on books (and perceived by other people) into personal visions through music, with the following awareness that any input can be assimilated and in turn become an inspiration in an infinite cycle of transformation energies.


#5 A year ago we interviewed you for the release of Part Four, what has changed since then? Do you feel different?

Every year, I learn new things and I necessarily feel different; as I mentioned earlier, in the last year I have intensified my musical research, giving a different turn to what was my influence during the Part Four period. That EP still loves me a lot and I always carry the pieces with me in the DJ sets, but I'm very different from the last year.


#6 You've made a playlist for us, but what does it tell you about us?

Well, it tells which are my favorite sounds and atmospheres are at the moment, as well as "revealing" the inspiration behind my Pulsar track in the video link to the recorded sounds in space (at 30 '' exactly).



Get ready for the release of Mind Game and discover the exclusive playlist created by Elisa for nss:


Pulsar Sounds di JolieFunk