Ege Islekel, young digital artist based in Milan, grows up in Turkey where his father's stories creates in him a strong interest in the convergence between ancient and contemporary.

Several years later, this same interest arises in his works where classics of art history are transformed into new works by incorporating them into contemporary elements and trends, representing with irony today's society.

We contacted him to find out what he thinks of web culture, Instagram, and how he came to collaborate with Gucci. 


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#1 Your works are mostly based on the melting of modern elements inside art classics, how does this all born?

I have discovered my potential on photo manipulation after graduating in Interior Design, that's why I couldn't have any chance to get art history classes during my education. However, I have grown up with my father's mythological stories and I learned from him a lot. I like the symbolism hidden in tose masterpieces and also, the realism of the term the artist live...  I always wanted to represent an awareness in people's conscious about the changes and differences between ancient's life and the present. I have chosen to tell this awareness with visual communication. There are not many changes in my life, but since the beginning, I have reached thousands of people who appreciate my works... somehow, I can reach and touch their life.

#2 Digital created contents like meme art have become an increasingly phenomena and various brands are now starting using it to appeal new younger clients. You’ve been chosen by Gucci to be part of its #TFWG campaign, how has it happened?

In this day, well-known brands have a great influence on social media. As a result of an active use of social media, the potential generational customers of brands is changing slowly. 
In my opinion, this adaptation on social media is a real benefit of both the brands and the customers. This keeps the brand active, young and effective. I feel really lucky to be chosen by Gucci as an artist. I have created some artworks for Gucci before and then I have got their attention on my works.

#3 Communication is slowly shifting from verbal to visual, what do you think is the main reason behind this change?

Technology is taking control all around the world, improving day by day. Every news, every last minute changing are followed from the screens of mobile phones and if you want to give a message or demonstrate a symbol, it is easier and stronger to show an image, rather than writing about it. So that, giving an image to people's mind means to create a connection between the brand and the customer. In that way, people get the idea without wasting too much time.


#4 As every medium, Instagram does have its own grammar and more and more are talking about it as a new editorial platform, what do you think about this?

Instagram is a worldwide growing application. At the beginning, it was set up to the idea of to share photographs while now it allows us to share our memories, our lifestyles and our vision on a subject, it is some kind of a digital identity. Besides that, it helps a lot of artists to be seen by the people all around the world or to be discovered by someone in a short time.


#5 How would you describe digital culture?

I think digital culture is a lifestyle which has been invented by people to keep their life easier and accommodate the technology.


#6 What is a "meme" and which role does it have, according to you, in digital culture?

On social network ''a meme'' is used to describe a popular notion. The biggest part of the memes on digital culture is to reach millions of people in a short time, thanks to the sense of humor. Maybe it cannot be liked by everyone, but in terms of reticence, it can be really successful.


#7  More and more brands are choosing a digital artist to express their spirits - besides using them for adv campaigns - and Gucci is just the biggest examples of this.
What do you think about memes being the fashion communication medium of the future? 

To me, fashion and art blend together in many aspects. Brands will continue to create that kind of collaborations, such as Gucci did; with those kinds of collaborations, brands keep their main attitude towards evaluating art, not the money: they get prestige by doing this and they show to the world they still care about art. Also, they give a chance to the artists to show their works and I think we will see many kinds of examples with collaborations like this one in the future.
You can follow Ege's work on Instagram.