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José Mourinho turns 55

Special  José Mourinho turns 55

When you speak about José Mourinho there are only two feelings in the game: hate or love. The Special One, in fact, has been one of the most polarizing characters of the last twenty years in the European football. Scarce player, unbelievable trainer, provoker and sublime motivator, José Mourinho has indelibly marked an epoch, leaving a strong and indelible memory in all the cities where he passed. 

Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid and now Manchester United, Mou had to do with the elite of the European football, with different peaks, but always with his, special, way to be. Without forgetting the stop in Barcelona, that has formed him for then find him as the best enemy.

José Mourinho and his grizzled hair, José Mourinho and his mocking smile, the over-size, the family and the attitude of whom want never to lose. Today Mou turns 55 years old and we celebrate the visual impact of one of the usual most special coach ever: the Special One.