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Rooney 250

Beloved, underestimated, immortal

Rooney 250 Beloved, underestimated, immortal

It’s not just the goal that makes you immortal. It’s not the one play that makes you a champion. It’s not even your attitude that will be remembered in time. What will remain is your name, engraved on the field, a field called Old Trafford. From now on, Manchester United will be pronounced Wayne Rooney, with many greetings to the lumbering name of Bobby Charlton. And many greetings to a difficult season, with few appearances and important names like Ibrahimovic and Pogba. But Rooney is Rooney, one of the best players in the world, somehow always underestimated.

Red Devils’ shirt is his own skin since 2004, when he passed from Everton to Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United. Which will improve not only his disposition, his productivity and his tactical position in United’s game, but also make him win everything. Rooney has never been a scorer and in fact, his number is the 10. The fantasy player, with a number 8’s aggressiveness, a number 11’s speed and a number 9’s sense of goal. That’s why Wayne Rooney has always been the prototype of the modern footballer. A symbol waved above Manchester, not United’s, not City’s, but Rooney’s Manchester. The best of al time, the best of all, the best forever.