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Name and last name

Ademola Lookman is the next wonderkid you must know

Name and last name Ademola Lookman is the next wonderkid you must know

How many times we’ve heard that the name is a guarantee, basing on the fact that maybe that name, or better last name, had a meaning far beyond the simple ID or passport identification. Thousands of years ago, our last names were in fact nickname, and that helps us understand many things. But the most important thing is that also today when our last name is not just a nickname, we give importance to that text after the first name like it’s some trustable code. Let’s say it this way: if someone is called Hans Badman I won’t likely trust him at first, before deepened knowledge, differently that if someone is called George Goodman. Here, ca va sans dire, I would give trust for free.


All this introduction was due to talk about a boy that recently arrived to Liverpool, on the Everton side. Yes, the ones that don’t wear red but blue, the same ones that las weekend smashed Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City with a roaring 4-0. In that very match made his debut a boy born in 1997, and he also scored his first Premier League goal. His first score against a big as a big guy, maybe the biggest team, at least at the beginning of the season. He’s called Ademola Lookman. And with a last name lake that he inspires trust. Not just for his goals (7 in 25 games with Charlton), his speed, his technique, his drive and strength, but for the trust. Lookman, or better “Look, man”, this will be your reign. Take it!