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All the best from Foot Locker's presentation of the new collection

#ItStartsHere All the best from Foot Locker's presentation of the new collection

There’s certainly a reason if London, through all its history, has seen with its own eyes the happening of some social and cultural humanity’s revolutions. It’s not casual that this multi-cultural, vibrating and stimulating pole has become one of the three major cities in Europe, at least before Brexit. If the referendum was quite successful in some areas of the country, London still stands as a stronghold of diversity and incitements. 

One of these is Sadiq Khan, the (quite) new mayor of London. Muslim, young, in the past months he supported the reopening of Fabric and in this days he’s been interviewed by Rough Trade, the most important disc shop of the city. The ideal sign for a city which wants to keep itself open, cosmopolitan and big. 

That’s why London, for the fourth time in a row, represented the best choice for the new Foot Locker campaign: #ItStartsHere. An event dedicated to sneaker culture celebration, with some experts of cross-sectorial art like Kish Kash and DJ Semtex. This year’s location was Village Underground, a proper British shelter that could only glorify a new collection’s potential, 2017 Foot Locker’s one, which waged on cultural, sartorial and imaginary diversity, involving all major brands: Nike, Jordan, Puma, adidas and Reebok. A massive statement, in front of media and influencer from all the planet.

As we were saying, it’s not random that the event was held in London and it’s also not random the date of January 12th. The day is the one chosen by the NBA for one of its Global Games, an event organized to export the model all around the world, to be close to the millions of fans that LeBron James and Co. managed to conquer on this side of the Ocean. In this year’s clash, there were Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers, which could count on Paul George, recently honored by Nike with his first signature shoe, the PG1. On their side, Nuggets could count on Danilo Gallinari, one of European fans’ favorites. 

To watch an NBA game live is a difficult experience to describe in few lines. You mist know the show that comes with the game, the wonderful outline which is part of the Americans’ idea of sports. To watch the NBA is amazing, even when the game itself has nothing particular to tell, like this case.

The long experience sponsored by Foot Locker ends in a renewed Village Underground, ready to host UK’s last year’s most influent cultural and musical movement: the grime. Dave and AJ Tracey are the diamonds of a movement made by aptitude and tracksuits. 


All Foot Locker’s message during this insane, infinite day is positive: we start over from here, from integration, from music, from sport, from tradition and modernity to build something no wall will never stop.