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PG1: Paul George's first signature

He's now in the Nike Basketball's Olympus

PG1: Paul George's first signature He's now in the Nike Basketball's Olympus

Paul George is one of the names on which the whole NBA system has betted in the last years. After the unbelievable accident and resumption, Paul George seemed to be more always on the ramp of throwing to become one of the faces of the League, both from the sporting and mediatic point of view. His performances from last year have been excellent, and the whole Indiana Pacers project seemed to be able to take off, even if it didn’t yet.

This doesn't have however braked the ascent of Paul George. This year, 2K have chosen the native one of Palmdale for its cover, also because he’s a huge fan of videogame. But the final step of Paul George arrives today, in the beginning of 2017, with the release of his first signature shoes. Produced by Nike, the PG1 is already in the recent NBA and sportswear history. Many magazines defined it "the best Nike debut for years", and the silhouette is enthusiastically perfect. It is the result of a collaboration between George and Tony Hardman, and it incorporates, besides the by now traditional Zoom Air technology a modern strap that guarantees further support to the foot. 

The PG1 (for which has been also created a logo ad hoc) will be available in two colors, that original and a special 2K, that it will have the image of the avatar of George stamped on the inside sole. In the shoe there is another one of the great passions of George: fishing, with a detail "afloat" that it will serve for holding together the strings. 

The release of the PG1 marks a historical moment in the history of the Nike, that has granted only a signature to less than him 1% of the endorsed athletes, making so George the 4th athlete in activity of Nike Basketball with a signature shoe. It served, therefore, an important event to introduce it to the world. The debut will be Thursday 12, on the occasion of the NBA Global Games that they will see face the Indiana Pacers and the Denver Nuggets of Danilo Gallinari

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