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10 sportswear desires we have for 2017

Wishes to make "The beautiful game" even more beautiful

10 sportswear desires we have for 2017 Wishes to make The beautiful game even more beautiful

The end of the year is inevitably synonym of lists of any kind, also for football. The best goals, the most stylish boots, the ugliest kits and so on. Here at nss sports, we decided to let go what’s already happened, focusing on what’s going to happen in the future. So we’ve made a list of the 10 things we would like to see in the year to come. Maybe we won’t actually see them, but dreaming is free.

The deal between Napoli and Umbro

After few years away from the spotlights, the Britain brand is trying to take a slice of the football market. The rumors about the possible partnership with Napoli are already warming nostalgic supporters’ hearts.

Cooler third kits

adidas is already trying to do that with Creator Studio, which will allow supporters to vote for some third kits for the 17/18 season. For sure, we would like brands to realize more stylish third kits.

A new ball for Serie A

Right now we’re used to unified balls for all the mayor football leagues. But after a few good years, Nike didn’t managed to make us fall in love with the best object in the world. Will 2017 be the right year?

The permanent growth of Nike, adidas and Puma’s competitors

We’ve already named Umbro, but also Under Armour, New Balance and Le Coq Sportif are ready to become concrete entities in football market. For us, it would mean new design styles and new alternatives at the “usual suspects”.

Fuchsia  and blue hairstyles

This summer we had the platinum blond hairstyle by Messi, Nasri and Insigne. In 2017 we expect to see someone with at least fuchsia, azure or orange hairstyle.

The return of the original numbering

Stop to Hetemaj’s 56 and De Guzman’s 1. In 2017 we would like to see the return of the 1-25 numeration. Possibly without names on the shirts, please.

NLF shoes

If you’re not NFL enthusiast, you should now that they customize their boots in every possible way. And we’re sure Serie A could gave us some authentic howlers.

Antoine Griezmann’s consecration

Not on the field, as it has already happened. In 2017, we would like The Petit Diable to become the icon of European football.

More player-branded shoes

In the NBA the idea of player-branded shoes is deeply-rooted. In football, we don’t see enough partnership between brands (like Jordan-Neymar) e we’d love to see Magista Iniesta, Vapor Hazard and Tiempo Pirlo.

The Nazionale Italiana shirt by Fila

Italy is world-acknowledged as the most stylish national team of all, but Puma’s shirts never managed to bring this same feeling on the field. The Nazionale-Fila partnership could be stuff for strong hearts.