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The intrinsic relationship between football and physics

Five ways to subvert the laws of physics

The intrinsic relationship between football and physics  Five ways to subvert the laws of physics

Let’s face the truth, traditional physics laws as newton’s gravitation or Maxwell equations, became extremely uncool, treated as those dumb friends always late, those who didn’t watch “breaking bad” yet, to be clear; something like internet explorer in science. If you don’t talk about quantum theory or parallel universes you are a an unlucky pitiful, having no idea about what’s happening around your world, you are as those who wear camouflage two years later. Simple talking about general theory of relativity is slightly satisfactory, between obsolete and bit well accepted, carried on due to Einstein so icon symbol; otherwise it would be crushed by a vibrant strings sea and Sheldon Cooper “Bazinga!”. 

The point is that would be wonderful to not care about “Mercury precession calculation”, or “Photoelctric effect”, and other inexplicable processes using classical theories, going to have some drink and fun, but unfortunately – even thinking not to planets movements or interaction between photon and electron – there are a lot physics occurrences so close to us but We will never be able to understand, and how it has been possible to make them happen in reality. So, no worries, We might make compromises, put away camouflage dresses, sign up to Netflix. If surrounded reality is not unchanging and isolated by the observer, so the observer can modify as He prefer the things and events, using his perception. So We need to ask Heisenberg help. Real Heienberg, not the Albuquerque one. 

Roberto Carlos 

It’s hard, so hard, to choose which time Roberto Carlos chose to violent shape reality We prefer, so it should be better to take the most famous. All the traits about this penalty shot are similar to a shuttle departure, the run-up is almost twenty metres and the crash with the ball is like and explosion, so charged that the Carlos’ leathery and solid body jumps half meter from the ground. But We can enjoy the real aesthetic masterpiece from behind camera setting: Carlos aims at the stand aside, and the ball suffers an effect that drives it a meter outside the goal spot defended by Barthez, Whom can just look – or try to – at the ball. 


We don’t care about spectacular goals – the events against physic are spectacular as well, of course – but We care about those occurrences that telling us about someone skill to modify reality as he prefers: “is it impossible? I don’t mind I’ll make it happen”. Ronaldinho was that kind of soccer artist who could link concreteness and beauty of movements. In this action He makes something not simply difficult, but really daft: He has to steal a game time to the goalkeeper, or it should be so simple, and so He decides to strike the ball half high from the ground with the support foot (the right one). It wouldn’t be impossible, but needle to cross the legs (losing the game time He stole), so Ronaldinho jumps with the right foot, strikes with the right foot, scores with the right foot. Saying hello to the gravitation. 

Diego Armando Maradona

That’s a typical case where the reality has to give up to people willpower. Bruscolotti – Maradona’s partner in the penalty shot – tell They tried to explain to the judge how the wall was too close to the ball, He didn’t listen to them. So Maradona told to him: “that’s fine, I will score anyway”. There was no space. Not a few or tiny, simply no space. The ball had no time to high, to cross the wall – advanced another meter meanwhile – and to climb down to get a door part not defended by Tacconi. Looking at the video is like Maradona, caressing the ball, drives it to have a running-up effect, so it could save some space to get higher. Not a simple bend but a kind of inverse “U”. Five metres became fifteen, just because Maradona wanted to. 


Comparing to others Pelé' score seems not so illogical about physics theories: a head shot choosing the best time against enemy. Right? No, it doesn’t. “Seems like he jumps from three branch, not from the ground”, someone wrote after the match against Italy. Watching at the video, Pelè jumps one second before Burgnich but He remains one second more higher, It’s like He chose when to get back to the ground. And the amazing stuff is the no run-up jump and the head shot using the only neck muscles. A chimera. “Before the match I repeated myself He was made by muscle and bones as anyone else, I was wrong”, Burgnich said after the match. 

Shunsuke Nakamura

Where Roberto carlos saved some effect in his penalty shot, the Japanese player uses till last drop. The ball is striked while it is half meter high with the left foot, and It draws a bend so enjoyable We forget about mental pression forced by Nakamura on reality. Because is clear He decides to change the trajectory, once He sees goalkeeper on wrong-foot. He doesn’t use “three fingers art”, but the whole foot, needle the maximum strength. 

We don’t know if energy is waves or particles, maybe both of them. Maybe We are in Matrix and everything is not real, or our galaxy is in a marble used by aliens to play a game. Everything could be, even universe is made by strings and life is a kind of music. And so We would like to think energy has the soccer ball shape.