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It's not time yet

Francesco Totti is not ready to abdicate

It's not time yet Francesco Totti is not ready to abdicate

The greatest Italian player of all time. Some say he’s the best, the most perfect of the last twenty years, but it’s too much of a variable judgment to be sure. But for sure he’s the last team symbol in Italy and maybe in the world. One of the last. A legend. If you love football and I say “Rome” to you, you think of Totti even before the Coliseum, the Roman Empire, the Pope or Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. No, you only think about Totti.


Francesco Totti. A king, the eighth for the Eternal City, the one and only in Rome supporters’ hearts. The same which haven't seen him play in last derby’s victory two weeks ago, ma want to see him play against the toughest rival, Juventus.

Juve and Rome will face Saturday night and Totti tremble to play at least ten minutes of this clash which could re-open or definitely close the championship run. Totti is hope, Totti is a certainty.

And if also the greatest newspaper of the world, the New York Times, kneel before the greatest number 10 in Italy, it means the Kings hasn’t abdicated yet. He isn’t ready to do that. And probably, when he will be, we won’t like it. Football won’t like it, Rome won’t like it and so won’t the supporters. No one like him, no one as the eighth King of Rome.