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The holy connection between football & street art

5 murales of 5 football legends

The holy connection between football & street art 5 murales of 5 football legends

Every holy thing drives us to create a symbol, a kind of striking expression of something we have to represent, some kind of faith we cannot handle too. As great is that surrounded faith as needs to share in a surface way this object of our devotion: pray, brothers. But the soccer liturgy allows, fortunately, to manage the faith instinct headed to one single person deserving our veneration, anyone scared about some kind of different God. And if We converted churches in a green grass field and holy songs into the common chorus, so there is no ceiling or wall We should put inside a building, even if golden and holy. No Christ deposition or Virgin Mary adoration. 

Just the tough rock, naked and cruel, that patient is waiting to become a myth; as someone who shows the belonging symbol, because you must be lucky as a wall too, to be built in the perfect location, in perfect age.

And there is no better canvas than an old building waiting for the renovation and a colored spray. The faith evolution is passing across the way to exhibit the same faith, the ways to pass on that adoration, and We – soccer lovers - don’t want to reach any demanding religion. Church We are talking about hosts everyone, cradling us in its strong arms; but once You chose that faith, don’t run away.

George Best

Best was the personification of a dualism, a double conflict, between genius and auto-destruction inclination, and a conflict between his Manchester, English team, and his lovely country. A country where the blood filled up the streets for a long rime. Red of Manchester, Green of North Ireland, that conflict never found a perfect synthesis, “You are the greatest just because I don’t have time”, He would have said to Cruijff during a game against Holland, truth or white lie, however, it is logical with Best, great beauty in the way He played and so profane in his behaviors, especially when He jested on a God as Johan.

Francesco Totti

Whatever people may say, and most of the eighth roman kings were announced, try to ask in little streets of Trastevere, Who is the one, that kind of rarity come out once in a century. They will break your answer in the middle, because: “Totti is not for everyone. Totti is like those greatly misunderstood intellectuals appreciated after one o two hundred years. His greatness will have to study through the history of community rebellion that sees in him an example, know what I mean?” Community oppressed, if not Jesus, Moses at least, and this is more o less like splitting the sea.

Gary Medel

Not everyone is a genius, and We need people who run, goes through and – especially – gives some strikes as well. Chilean people are living the golden age of soccer, but Sanchez and the wasted genius Valdivia could not make anything without tireless workers as Medel. The kid worked out on his tactical and technical issues too, once He arrived in Italy, and so He will find always a place in our heart. Life is full of beautiful things. You are right, but gratitude is the most beautiful”, and the Chilean People didn’t forget about him.

Marco Van Basten

My sorrow about is premature retirement is not running out and never it will”, Carmelo Bene said. But if You played until 28 years old and everybody can put your name in “best players” list, a reason would be. Something like this. Street art is made by entropy, from entropy often a shape comes out, clear and define, that attracts our concentration. Like this murales, like Marco Van Basten while he played: an elegant image in the middle of entropy.

Diego Armando Maradona

If You are looking for a monotheist religion, so there is the perfect God. That’s not a personal setting, it is about the strength of devotion come out from two different communities toward this little man. “The  best champion I have ever seen in my entire life is Diego Armando Maradona. Believe me, son, during the centuries will never come out another one. He made the perfection from the imperfection. Little, puffed up, loving the tired and wrong sunrise, victim of fake friendship and desire to cross every rules, Maradona transformed a simple leather ball in a beauty trunk”, Darwin Pastorin said about him. A journalist, Brazilian – just saying.  If you are looking for a reflection of goodness, you should look for in the ability to modify surrounding reality as you prefer.

The beauty, the great one, is what soccer gives to us. Like an hug, warm and comfortable, as the one a Boca Juniors supporter is asking for in this murals, honoring an elegant and wonderful soccer preacher, Roman Riquelme.