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History of Naples

Stadio San Paolo turns 57 years

History of Naples Stadio San Paolo turns 57 years

It’s December the 6th, 1959 when in Fuorigrotta, in Naples, the Stadio del Sole (Stadium of the Sun) it’s inaugurate. This is just the first official name of the Stadio San Paolo, named after the Saint to celebrate his history. From that moment, San Paolo became the heart of a football-living city, almost a parallel universe where Naples live a suspension from reality, tightened with its team. 

The inaugural match against Juventus - a 2-1 win - is just the first of many clashes between the two teams, especially in the Maradona era. Because in July the 5th, 1984 the history of Naples, both the team and the city, changes forever as the greatest player of the world is introduced: Diego Armando Maradona

The neapolitans’ love for El Dies doesn’t stop even in front of Italian national team. During the 1990 World Cup, at the San Paolo Stadium is played Italia-Argentina and when Caniggia’s goal eliminates the Azzurri, nobody in the stadium is crying.

The one in 1990 is also the last renovation of the stadium, which is now in very bad conditions. After Maradona, Naples begun a time of highs and downs, from the Serie A to the bankrupt, and then again in the Champions League with the new De Laurentiis management.

For its 57th birthday, we’ve chosen 10 symbolic pictures of neapolitan football.