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A (V)incredible love

A 14 hours journey just to meet her idol Vince Carter

A (V)incredible love A 14 hours journey just to meet her idol Vince Carter

In the NBA there are superstars and cool players. Obviously, one can be part of the first category, but not part of the second and vice-versa. Someone like Vince Carter, for example, is not longer an NBA superstar but is still one of the coolest guys in the league. After all, we’re talking about someone who’s still dunking at 39 as he used do to at 23. Golden years may be behind him, but he’s still one of the most beloved players in the world.


So, it’s no surprise that every time there’s a Grizzlies’ game, several billboards appear in the building, with all Vincredible’s fans’ love wrote on them. In this particular occasion, though, one fo those billboards brought Carter’s attention and he decided to meet the young author. Why? Because the message was: “I came in the US from China to realize my dream, meet Vince Carter”.


In other two billboards, the girl confessed his 16 years lasting love for Vincredible, asking him for a photo. The young supporter was also in the building in Dallas, a few day ago. And even if her billboard was tweeted by Memphis Grizzlies’ official profile, she didn't get to raise Carter’s attention that night. 


She did at the second attempt, though, with more loud billboards. The young fan from China finally realized her lifetime dream. After seeing her in the bleachers, Carter asked security to let her pass through and gave her a few seconds for photo and unforgettable moments. He may be not an NBA superstar anymore, but Vincredible is still on of the coolest guys in the league.