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nss sports' Space Jam Teams

How would Looney Tunes and Monstars' teams be if they starred modern NBA players?

nss sports' Space Jam Teams How would Looney Tunes and Monstars' teams be if they starred modern NBA players?

Space Jam 2 could be closer than you would expect, Monstars could be coming back and NBA could be "under attack" again. If LeBron James is sure about his role in the new Looney Tunes team, we need to set up the rest of the two teams. In this crazy day celebrating the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, we tried to envision who, among the modern NBA teams, could possibly play in the Looney Tunes or Monstars team.


Looney Tunes Team


Duffy Young (by Simone Bernardo)

In Space Jam, besides giving an hard time to MJ, Duffy Duck creates troubles and shows his swag wearing gold and purple uniforms. Perfect role for Swaggy-P.


Steph Bunny (by S.B.)

As Looney Tunes’ MVP, we must choose Steph Curry as Bugs Bunny. He has just one flaw, he crunches NBA records instead of carrots.


Taz Westbrook (by Michele Garribba)

There’s something devilish in Westbrook’s rush rim to rim: Russell looks unrestrainable and ravenous such as Taz, the Tasmanian devil.


Harden the Cat (by Federico Raina)

Harden and Sylvester are both “angry” - whether for victories or for birds – they both dedicate body and soul to reach their goal. While GS is still looking for a way to eat the little but clever Tweety, James Harden, after winning the Gold Olympic Medal at London in 2012 and the World Cup Gold Medal in 2014, is working again his own way to get that NBA ring he lost already once in 2012 against LBJ. 


Lola Delle Donne (by Francesco Abazia)

It should need just few words to understand this match: «don’t call me doll anymore». Lola and Elena – USA team star – are both strong, talented and with a unique personality. They will help, you just need not call them: «dolls».


Monstars Team


Bang Garnett (by F.R.)

KG could easily be one of those representing the Monsters Team. Bang is tough and aggressive. He likes provoking the Looney Tones, fighting with Michael Jordan. If we try to imagine KG as a cartoon for a second, it almost seems like reading about the talents of an amazing and extraordinary player KG was in the end, fightings with other players like Villaueva, Anthony and Duncan included. 


Blanko Howard (by M.G.)

Blanko, Shawn Bradley’s talent thief, was the Monstar’s tallest and clumsiest; at the same way Dwight Howard is a strong athlete and in some situations he has been very childish.


Blake Pound (by S.B.)

Big, powerful and slightly evil. These words may refer both to Pound, Nerdlucks’ leader, and Blake Griffin. At least, Clippers’ 32 isn’t aiming to universe's conquest. Right?


Monstars Ready (by S.B)

Just like galactic monster, Born Ready can easily switch from always repeating “Are we there yet?” to smash buckets bare-handed. He didn’t even need the audition.


Nawt Thomas (by Stefano Nappa)

You cannot do it, you’re just too small. Isaish Thomas heard this sentence too many times, just as Nawt, the smallest Monstars. But if you’re fast, you can do whatever you want.


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