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We need to talk about #MannequinChallenge

Here it is your new Harlem Shake

We need to talk about #MannequinChallenge  Here it is your new Harlem Shake

After eleven incredible months – from Leicester’s triumph in the Premier League to Donald Trump’s victory at the US elections – 2016 is heading towards its end. And what could possibly be the best way to say hello to this year than an epic social mania? After crazy dances during the Harlem Shake’s moment, ice showers for the Ice Bucket Challenge and kids going crazy for the Flip Bottle Challenge, there’s a brand new social challenge in town.

In these days, we all have seen at least one video with completely freeze people, maybe with a background music. And no, you’re not crazy nor are them (at least not totally). Because that is the Mannequin Challenge, a contest in which you must freeze, without moving a single muscle, almost as time has stopped. Of course, the more the scene is accurate and realistic, the more it will be liked and shared. It all began in the States, with some NBA franchises like Sacramento and Milwaukee doing their own versions of this challenge.


Because the best thing of the Mannequin Challenge is this, organize and play a nice and funny scene. As always, someone decided to overdo.


Yes, that’s the Withe House and that’s the (almost former) First Lady, Michelle Obama. During the NBA’s reigning champions Cleveland Cavs’ visit to the President, LBJ and his teammates took a minute with the First Lady to record the best mannequin challenge ever.


Non everyone can afford that, so someone had to improvise somehow. Like the Atlanta Hawks, even if maybe they took the mannequin challenge too much literally.


If you’re not NBA enthusiast don’t worry, because this social mania has landed in the football world as well. The first european team to do it was Borussia Dortmund, with Marco Reus and teammates freezing during a gym session.


Same thing for Juventus, but they should take bonus points for Alex Sandro’s epic face expression.


You should get used to it, because the mannequin challenge is going to be around for a while. Between this and Leicester, it’s hard to say what’s the most unbelievable things that’s happened.