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NBA's reaction to Donald Trump election

Do we have to "Trust the process?"

NBA's reaction to Donald Trump election  Do we have to Trust the process?

Last March, Charles Barkley – a man with a discrete political background - commented the ascent of Donald Trump in these terms: "All politics is rich people screwing poor people. Poor people macaws too stupid to know they're just chess pieces into game." The American sport, contrarily of all the other sectors of the overseas entertainment, is divided between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with the NBA more lined up towards the democratic candidate and the NFL - with the Brady dilemma – supporting the Newyorker tycoon.  

As soon as the exits poll has started to delineate a clear victory for Donald, the NBA stars have started twitting, using both the irony and enough severe criticisms. It is the case of Jamal Crawford, who said he was "frightened" from what was happening, or Joakim Noah and Ricky Rubio sheltered behind the most classical "Really America?". After the result, it is also interesting to look at two old tweets from Andrew Bogut, who said to hold ready his green card, and that of Wade. The best tweet is probably the one of Joel Embiid, who shows once more an enormous social intelligence.

There are to also tweets in support of Donald Trump, that come for instance from Mark Cuban or from Kris Humphries, who has replied to the slogan that has brought Trump to win these elections and to become the President of the United States: 
Make America Great Again”.