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All The President's (NBA) Champions

Barack Obama and his love for the NBA

All The President's (NBA) Champions  Barack Obama and his love for the NBA

The relationship between Barack Obama and sport, and particularly NBA, has always been visceral. In his book Dreams From My Father Obama has explained as his passion turned into a sort of social ghetto: he, an Afro-american in the Hawaii, had to play basketball. "The basket field was the only place where my blackness was not a disadvantage", he wrote, a sort of sure shelter that could take him apart from the prejudices and from the study.


In the meantime in fact, the young Barack studied law, entered the politics field and - with a notable temporal jump – became the first black President in the history of the United States. However, his passion for basketball has never stopped. He never missed a little game with the members of his staff. Once this even cost him 12 stitches on his lips because of Rey Decerega's elbow. 

From January, Obama will leave the White House and he will have to think about his future. One of the hypotheses could be buying an NBA team, as he declared in an interview with GQ: "I have fantasized about being able to put together to team and how much fun that would be.

During the eight years of his administration, Obama has often been seen in the NBA arenas (particularly in Chicago, being a Bulls fan) or inviting to the White House the NBA champions of the present and past. Like when he delivered the Medal of the Freedom to Bill Russell, for his conclusive role in the opening of the pro basket to the Afro-American, or when, together with Michelle Obama, he has starred in one of the best spots ever.

Lately, he has been seen playing to Power 4 with Steph Curry, to the small chemist, even teaching him how to shoot. Obama also joined the ultra-centenary tradition that wants the champions of the American sports to visit the White House after the victory of the title.

In the day of the American elections we have picked up then the best NBA apparitions to the White House during the Obama administration, during which Barack has put aside a discreet NBA jersey collection. The Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA reigning champions, haven’t visited the President yet, but Obama has personally called Tyronn Lue to make him congratulations.