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The Stache Brothers: new NBA Movember stars

5 moments to understand the greatness of Steven Adams and Enes Kanter

The Stache Brothers: new NBA Movember stars 5 moments to understand the greatness of Steven Adams and Enes Kanter

There’s a very popular saying in the NBA in this days: “Splash Brothers on April, Stache Brothers on November”. Don’t you believe it? Well, you shouldn’t, because we just made it up. But there’s a truth in it, because all NBA supporters are literally going crazy for Oklahoma’s Mustache Duo, Steven Adams and Enes Kanter.

To understand why, we must take a little step back, talking about the cultural movement called Movember. In this tradition, born in Australia and New Zealand and raised in the US, men let their mustaches grow, in order to raise awareness about the prostate cancer and other connected pathologies. And obviously, a giant from New Zealand and a Turkish man born in Switzerland are the perfect couple fort this initiative. In order to let you fall even more in love with this two guys, we’ve selected the best moments of the Stache Brothers.


Enes, I'm your brother 

Be a Stache Bro isn’t a choice, also because nobody with a healthy mind would choose to become one. As a matter of fact, all started with Steven Adams and his little mustache. Once realized that unexpectedly people liked it, he started the research of a student to train and he ran into Enes Kanter. Which, in the process, also became an All Blacks supporter.

Mustache party 

Having a mustache is not a merely esthetic issue. Stache Brothers’ Movember is also about discovering themselves and sharing to the world (aka Twitter). In this words Adams, Kanter and the unfortunate Mitch McGary express their inner self with a poetry for all the ladies in the world.

Get the stache look 

Wen you set a style, you know it’s a success when people starts to follow your lead. In this case, it’s the NBA’s hipster and fashion king Russell Westbrook whom started to follow the Stache Bros. At last year Halloween’s party, he showed up dressed like… Steven Adams! The New Zealander’s dreams is become true.


If you're not on a t-shirt, you're nobody

In the last few years, in the Bay Area they’re selling thousands of Splash Brothers’ t-shirts. But even if it’s sounds unlikely, OKC will quickly overcome San Francisco in this merchandise war. Why? Well, because they’re producing Stache Brothers’ t-shirts, that’s why.


Cover boys

Honestly, Thunder isn’t a very attractive franchise and they don’t have much to put on a magazine’s cover, especially since when the number 35 packed and leave to join the other Brothers of the NBA. In fact, though, after the hurricane with the number zero jersey, the Stache Bros are OKC’s cover boys. They truly are icons, even if a little crazy ones maybe, and they’re loved by all the NBA. In your face, Splash Brothers!