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Frammenti di Ray Allen

Istantanee della straordinaria carriera di Ray Allen o Jesus Shuttlesworth

Frammenti di Ray Allen  Istantanee della straordinaria carriera di Ray Allen o Jesus Shuttlesworth


"Dear 13-year-old Ray,
When you get off the school bus tomorrow, you're going to be in a whole new world"

This is how the letter through which Ray Allen retired from the NBA begins. It begins remembering that days lived travelling far and wide, boncing from a military base to another, following his father's job, not the easiest nor the more common one in the world. Walter Ray Allen Jr., son of Flora and Walter Sr Allen, before becoming a legend of the collegial basket and NBA, travelled the world. California, England, Germany, then the States again, up to Connecticut, where Allen starts to become "Allen".

He arrived in NBA from the position number 5 of the draft 1996, chosen by the Minnesota Timberwolves and immediately turned to Milwaukees Bucks in exchange for a young prodigy from Coney Island: Stephon Marbury. That draft was not a common one, but perhaps the best in NBA history.

Ray Allen's career is bright thanks his talent, not for his victories. After four years with the Seattle Supersonics, he arrived in Boston and with the Big 3 (Pierce and Garnett) he won a title that raised him to NBA's Olympus. But he didn’t stop there: at the age of 36, Ray Allen found the strength and the courage to challenge himself and followed Lebron James in Miami, and delivered him a title along with his most famous shot, with only 0.7 seconds on the notice-board. Now he can count 2 NBA rings, 10 times All Star, 1 All American, 3 points all time leader.

After some afterthought, conflicting voices, hypothesis and ideas Ray Allen has officially said stop and with him, Jesus Shutterworld. Indissolubly tied up to his character, in fact, there is the iconic role Allen has played on the big screen in the generational movie He Got Game, starring with Denzel Washington and directed by Spike Lee in which he interpreted the young Jesus.

Ray Allen has been an icon of the 90s applied to the NBA, to the league that became of planetary interest, the league of the great brands that invaded the market, of the jerseys among the most beautiful in history. He has been a pioneers of that world, always smiling, always with a grace that anybody had never succeeded in having. We have decided to greet him with a photographic gallery that immortalized the essential moments of his career, small fragments of a basketball genius: fragments of Ray Allen.