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Halloween: the night of the NBA monster plays

A scary list of dunks and blocks

Halloween: the night of the NBA monster plays  A scary list of dunks and blocks


Be afraid of Lob City 

The monster dunks concept has assumed a precise meaning in the last years: are the ones you can face playing against the Los Angeles Clippers, trying to conquer Lob City. There are two main cities "monsters": De Andre Jordan and Blake Griffin. In this dunk Jordan is totally out from the world, and he hardly acknowledges of the opposition of the defender. The fact that the pass is an alley op increases only the coefficient of difficulty of the dunk.

The Jordan partner in crime  is Blake Griffin, perhaps among the more violent dunkers in NBA, and for this reason the most dreadful. In this dunk, he selects Perkins, and once in flight moves him to demolish the backboard. 

The destroyers

Among the most preferred Halloween masks there’ve been, for a long time, those of the destroyers. If in NBA you say destroyer, you say Shaquille O'Neal - the man for who the shaq attack (the basket declination of trick or treat) has been invented. The destroying Shaq also holds the record for crushed baskets. In this video, you can see one of his best performances.

Jerome Lame was a youth and promising forward for Pittsburg when, during a games against Providence, he decided to turn into the Dark Harvester and break the backboard. 


One of the (fews) not scary Halloween costumes allowed are that of the superheroes.  And the superheroes, you known, they love to wear some masks not to make themselves recognize, and try to keep on conducting a normal life. Russell Westbrook wearing a mask becomes a storm that concludes itself with a two hands dunk.

The superheroes however are tormented above all and fragile, very fragile. Before showing his brittleness, Derrick Rose was usual to make things like: wait for his opponent and dunk on him with two hands. 

Nor trick neither treat

The American most ancient (or simply the most famous) Halloween tradition is that of the "trick or treat”. It works this way: children knock to your door, they ask you the prophetic question and you, generally, give them one or more candies. Not Dwight Howard, that in a game against the now dead New Jersey Nets, re-sent the hypothetical question to the sender, with a sensational block that almost sent the ball to the third ring of the arena.

Yes, it is true, in a list that includes monster athletic gestures there should be "The Block", the chasedown of Lebron James to Iguodala during the last Finals. However, it is even more scary the black that the Chosen One trimmed to Tiago Splitter. It was scary because Lebron jumps from firm against an opponent in movement, scary because of the noise that the contact between leather and hand made. 

Historical monsters

Brief list of costumes that you’re always allowed to wear on Halloween: Frankestein, Dracula, Freddy Kruger, generic monster, generic ghost. Brief list of monster dunks that are allowed Halloween: the Vince Carter jump above (literally) the French defender during a lucky performance of team USA is the nearest thing to the extra-human that you could never see. 

Jordan and Pippen, profession catch-ghosts but above all catch-rings, bullied the New York Knicks with two "poster" in few seconds. It became a nightmare game and night for Pat Ewing and partners. 


The revenge is a very common theme to Halloween. A dead man returns in life, and for some reason he wants to take revenge (very often on the whole humanity). The revenge is so obviously scary.  Especially when it came under the form of  
a tank from Akron, Ohio, launched to all speed and with the maximum wickedness. Jason Terry is the victim, Lebron James the executioner.