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An easy guide to NBA rings

From diamonds to nestled baskteballs' pieces

An easy guide to NBA rings From diamonds to nestled baskteballs' pieces

If you are NBA enthusiast, you will surely know that in the most important basketball league in the world, it’s all about winning. Every player in the association's history had to prove himself worthy of being called a champion, winning a NBA title and rising to the Olympus of the NBA.

The symbol of this accomplishment is a ring, which is given to the reining champions in all major sport leagues in USA. Of course, those rings are truly special art pieces, an unbelievable combination of craftsmanship and jewelry, with a bit of symbolism and customizations.

This particular tradition makes the new season opening nights even more emotional, as the new NBA champions can finally put their hands on their victory prize. A couple of days ago, the brand new NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers received their own rings and it was a truly special moment, especially for LeBron James. The last year NBA final’s MVP finally accomplished the most important gol of his career, bringing a championship in North-east Ohio.

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The Cavs’ ring was not only the first in the history of the team, but also the first for many wine-and-gold players. Someone, like Tristan Thompson, took a photo with his girlfriend and others, like JR, took advantage of the occasion to remove a pebble from his shoe.

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Cavs are just the last ones to receive their ring, but through the years we had some truly special masterpieces. In 2010, for example, the back-to-back NBA champs Los Angeles Lakers put a piece of game 7 basketball inside their rings.

In 2011, Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban spent more than 1,4$ million for Mavs' rings. They featured more than 250 princess and circle cut diamond, with 15 gems on the side of the ring representing each player of Mavs’ roster.

A big step ahed in contrast with 1969 Boston Celtics’ championship ring, witch only featured 0,5 carats. If you’re wondering, 2011 Mavs’ rings had more or less 10 carats.

In our opinion, the best ring ever is the 1993 three-peat Chicago Bulls’ one. Maybe it will take some time to the people of Chicago to see and other ring, but at least they can remember the good old days every time they want.