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5 good reasons to love Neymar and Jordan's partnership

A culture clash of great impact for sport

5 good reasons to love Neymar and Jordan's partnership A culture clash of great impact for sport

In the past few months, there’s been a sportswear brands partnership which has remained undercurrent. We’re talking about Barcelona’s wunderkind Neymar Junior and Jordan, the MJ’s personal division inside Nike. Despite the importance of both brands, there hasn’t been the kind of hype you could expect a partnership like this. Somehow, it even created some sort of criticism by people who aren't satisfied with seeing the brand Jordan brought alongside a football icon like the Brazilian striker. However, we really love this duo, so we’ve provided 5 good reasons why you should love it too.


#1 The Next Big Thing

Today, Neymar is the third best player in the world behind Messi and CR7. And this is a big deal. In a few years time, when both Cristiano and Leo will retire, the Brazilian will be the uncontested king of football. Like Pogba for adidas, Ney will be the cover boy for Nike and the prestigious collaboration with Jordan will make his rise even more epic.


#2 Be like Neymar

Unlike Messi and Ronaldo, Neymar is cool. Or at least, cooler. They may have their own styles, but they’ve never been trendsetters. Neymar, on the other hand, is the Justin Bieber of football and he’s more than capable to reach millions of young kids all around the world.


#3 Take it to the next level

The Jordan brand must become something more than just a basketball sneaker manufacturer. In order to become a major sportswear brand and not just a branch of Nike, Jordan must start to explore new industries and sectors. And what can possibly be better than football, the most widespread sport in the world?


#4 Tri-market

There’s no doubt that the Neymar and Jordan's partnership is first of all a commercial agreement. With this deal, they can reach the US market, where the Jordan brand is stronger, the European one, home of Neymar’s club Barcelona, and the 200 million people who live in Brazil.


#5 Legacy

At the end of the day, a sport icon is remembered for his trophies, not his commercials. Sooner or later, Neymar will become not only a future champions, but a football legend himself. The partnership with Jordan will reinforce his image as overall sport icon for the decades to come. Not bad, uh?