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The only game Jordan played with number 12

The Basketball's Disease

The only game Jordan played with number 12  The Basketball's Disease

During a night of 25 years ago, on the other side of the ocean, something unique happened.

We are at the Orlando Arena. The team of the city, the Magic, are ready to challenge the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan

Any person on the whole globe has at least one ritual of superstition, and, at that time, MJ was very obsessive and superstitious. He had his own pre-game routines to respect. Apart from wearing his college shorts under the uniform, he must touch his t-shirt every time.

That evening the t-shirt disappeared 4 hours before the beginning of the game and Michael, with the whole team, went crazy to find it – or at least, to find an adequate solution to the matter. In the end, he had to wear an emergency t-shirt, with the number 12, with no name on it.
During the team presentation everything was very strange. Michael had played with the number 23 since his high school days and number 12 – even if just temporary – made feels him different.

The game starts and it actually becomes very exiciting. It also ends to the overtime. Jordan scores 49 points. Later in the night, the Bulls lost the game and the jersey was found again later between the ceiling and the plexiglass panles that delimit the locker room, but that night entered in history, because nobody marked that record of points with that number anymore.