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Blondes - The football players' platinum trend

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Blondes - The football players' platinum trend  New Sport Side

At the beginning it could be all due to Ian Connor. But first: who is Ian Connor? Designer / creative director, Ian joined the hip-hop world, leading to a strong enough jolt. He has collaborated with Wiz Khalifa, with the A $ap Mob, until he get to Kanye West. The charge of being a serial rapist has then caused the rejection by the world, but that's another story. Ian interests us as a influential person - for a certain period of time, which may have given rise to a trend soon followed by Justin Bieber (and others): platinum hair.

Soccer players are also constantly influenced by rapper and the pop star , and they don't have wait so long, even if a bit 'yeah, to incorporate the trend and began obsessively to dye their hair yellow, more or less clear, more or less platinum, depending on the case. The summer trend was supported by the disproportionate number of major events that, almost simultaneously, have invaded the screens of football fans. European Championship, Copa America 100 and Olympics have allowed a summer media coverage over the medium in which the players have catapulted.

Samir Nasri did not play much last year, which allowed him to devote himself to a careful care of its social media and to work on his person. Among the changes necessary to address a long season in the pits, there was the hair color change. Before an exaggerated platinum, then a metallic silver, until we get to the blue of Manchester City. With the move to Sevilla instead Nasri has returned to be dyed blond - though less excessive - armed with the armor that will allow him to get back on top.

Una foto pubblicata da Samir Nasri (@samnasri8) in data:

A few weeks before European Cup instead it was the turn of Aaron Ramsey - with which we can identify the real burst of mania - that announced to the world in the most normal way ever: taking up his son. A follow wheel were Phil Jones, Manchester United defender and England, and his club-mate Fellaini, to tell the truth, it seemed untenable in the choice of matching color.

Una foto pubblicata da Aaron Ramsey (@aaronramsey) in data:

#Whitehairdontcare was the hashtag used by Fabio Borini to communicate to all his followers that he had enlisted in the brigade-platinum. The timing with which Fabio chose to dye his hair was fatal in allowing the lash Twitter with irony once Messi decided to make platinum: Messi has copied Borini?

Probably not, indeed, certainly not. Before Messi in fact also James Rodriguez had sketched colored hair, only to fall back on his early natural color. Messi however was the summer casus - because it followed a temporary farewell to the national team - enough to "compel" Leo to give explanations, although not very original: "I made a change to start from scratch. I was emerging from a lot of controversies, of Things That had happened to me and I said to myself: 'You've got to break this and start again. " The same modus operandi of Fernando Torres, who at the time of Atletico Madrid and Liverpool usually dyed and cut his hair every time crossed a difficult period in the realization phase.

Una foto pubblicata da Leo Messi (@leomessi) in data:

From Messi to Neymar the step is shorter than expected. The Brazilian, after dragging his national Olympic gold, has passed (not for the first time) to platinum blonde, announcing among other things with a picture very similar to that of Ramsey. Archived disappointments and triumphs with national Messi and Neymar have resumed the season with Barcelona, began with the triumph in the Champions League against Celtic for 7 to 0. The platinum torque force unleashed a easy irony of Twtter: Super Sayan anyone?

From England continuing to Spain the trend has finally arrived in Italy, imposed forcefully by Lorenzo Insigne. The Neapolitan, in true no stranger to similar shots of the head, was presented by Mr. Sarri with a much more yellow variant of the platinum Messi and Neymar, but equally remarkable.

It is not the first time that the trend takes hold, and, in addition, there are examples of players who have built their image on the platinum of their hair, the Portuguese Abel Xavier on all. But the most famous case was that of the Romanian national team at the World Cup in 1998. After passing the group stage, they decided to be dyed in platinum block, in the hope that the ritual would bring luck. They were instead eliminated by Croatia. At a closer inspection, none of platinum wave in 2016 then won anything. Maybe the platinum blonde is not exactly the most fortunate among the colors.