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Style pills from Euro 2016

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Style pills from Euro 2016 New Sport Side

Many things happened during the first day of Euro 2016. From the less beautiful facts off the field, the goal on the ninetieth minute passing for those of Giaccherini and the Pogba-gate, relegated in bench after showing up at lunch wearing adidas slippers. There has been an explosion of what is perhaps the most beautiful choir ever (dedicated to Will Grigg ) and free puffs from Cristiano Ronaldo and Belgium's coach.

But Euro Cups - as well as the World Cup on a global scale - are always an opportunity to discover new talents and new faces, new players on and off the field. After having reviewed the uniforms of the tournament, we carefully observed the look of some of the protagonists of Euro 2016, summarised here in 7 pills, between impossible hairstyles and several clichés.

Ramsey the blondie

Nobody really understood why Aaron Ramsey has dyed his hair in platinum blonde. His explanation was so tender as unsatisfactory ( "I wanted to be sure to make a mark in some way in this Euro Cup"), but not for Fellaini, who even decided to follow his example. Called Rambo after being involved in a small scuffle, Ramsey is the soul of the magnificent Wales which is surprising Euro 2016. Young, beautiful, Ramsey is also one of the leading face of the new football adventure of New Balance.

Una foto pubblicata da Aaron Ramsey (@aaronramsey) in data:


Tom Krychowiak

Poland is without doubt the most hipster team in the continental tournament. With Szczesny as goalkeeper, Lewandoski and the young Milik as forward, Glik in defense, the Eagles will ideally complement the strong Krychowiak. Recent winner of the Europa League with Sevilla, Krychowiak stands out not only because of its firmness and decisiveness in the field. It is the best Eastern European version of Tom Hardy as possible, to build a bridge between the tough Irish actor's traits and those of the number 10 in Poland. But not only, Krychowiak is also a man of great class, he likes to dress elegant and has been taken for a cover of Elle.


Coman with the pigtail

Pogba is fine, it's good that even Drake takes pictures with his jersey, the adidas decided to make him the man symbol of the new generation ... but do not live only for Paul! The most swag team of Euro 2016, between the endless talent of Payet, Giroud the model and all the young French talent players stands Kingsley Coman, the former Juventus in the meantime become one of the best under-20 in circulation. Just as his companion, and friend, Pogba Coman also was immediately put under contract by Nike, for which he also posed for the new Mercurial collection. The first impact with Coman, however, you can not help but notice its characteristic pigtail, of which he never explained the meaning but which - if subject to Italian and /or southern traditions - should be a vote for some God.

Una foto pubblicata da Kingsley Coman (@king_coman11) in data:


Dier the quarterback

It seems that the life of Dier is wonderful. In the field it seems almost do not sweat, with his neutral hair cut, always in order but never  maniacally. The Tottenham midfielder is like the quarterback star of American teen movie: predestined, from a good family, and engaged to the prettiest cheerleader (then, occasionally it can happen that he fall in love with the newcomer). Dier is the next guy in football version 2.0 brings with him an educated foot, the great vision of the game, and the dream to play there where his idol Beckham did. A recent photo on his Instagram, gives us an opportunity to see the wonderful tie made by Marks & Spencer for the English National. A tradition, that one of the national football clothes, which in England is just under the monarchy.

Una foto pubblicata da Eric Dier (@ericdier15) in data:


Ledley bear

That the beard was already a past trend seems to be confirmed by the number - really low - of long and thick beards at this European Championship. Among them, it stands out in a clear manner that of Joe Ledley, hard Welsh midfielder, who in the middle of the Celtic spirit has maintained a perfect, square beard that has nothing to do with hipster fashions of recent years. The life of Ledley, and his beard, held quiet between his beautiful wife, two beautiful daughters, adidas yeezy and red socks.

Una foto pubblicata da Joe Ledley (@joe16led) in data:


Belgium v. Iceland

If there are two different teams, in these Euro Cup, they are Belgium and Iceland. The first is highly considerated, very underrated the second. The Belgian national is the symbol of integration Iceland is a multicultural whitefly Nordic absolutism. And all this is poured on the players of the two teams look. If Belgium is the team where there are most Afro hairstyles (like those of Witzel and Fellaini) and dreadlocks, without considering that "thing" of Radja Naingollan. On the other hand however, the classic example is that of Iceland's Bjarnason, a past to Pescara, but long blond hair and urban style.

Una foto pubblicata da Axel Witsel (@axelwitsel28) in data:

Una foto pubblicata da Birkir Bjarnason (@birkirbjarnason) in data:


Pellé’s bronze

The Mediterranean beauty has for years been the workhorse that actresses / actors and Italian models have used for years to stand out. In recent years, even the big brands have tried to stack on that strongly and the story is shared. Graziano Pellè, Lecce, is the ideal mold of what a "Italian male" was to represent the years 50/60. High, and carved with an “ingellato” hairstyle and an extraordinary smile. What seems to be our prince forward is not only an amazing dancer, but our best business card. We hope to bring good luck.


Una foto pubblicata da Graziano Pellè (@gpelle19_official) in data: