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Nike brings your Game to the Next Level

NSS - New Sport Side

Nike brings your Game to the Next Level  NSS - New Sport Side

Who's the strongest player in the NBA (and therefore, in the entire World)? On Christmas day, Nike released another incredible commercial about the issue. Peanut, Sean, Toni and Angel are the characters, that on the stairs of their houses discuss who should be the best: KD, Paul George, Lebron, Kobe.

Be afraid of KD

Kevin Durant, choice number two in 2007, was the last champion to wear the glorious jersey of the Seattle Super Sonics. Today KD has become a superstar in the league, as well as the coolest (Jay Z is his agent) and has his own signature: the KD, which reached its eight episode. Particular signs? Posterize opponents: it means dunk on their face, thanks to a wingspan semi-infinite. The other anecdote that Nike has pulled out is related to his charitable activities in the communities of Seat Pleasant and Oklahoma.

Paul George is in the middle

August 1th, 2014, during a friendly match with the USA team, Paul George put his foot so badly after a break from fractured tibia and fibula. At that time ge was one of the most dominant players in the league. A long ordeal, a gradual recovery: today PG13 (who has changed his jersey number) is once again an earthquake in the field. And out of the game? He's calm, according to Nike's secret reporters, reading books and going fishing. The latter is something more than a passion: in recent years it has won several fishing tournaments.

Welcome to the future: Anthony Davis

"Ball Do not Lie." It's one of the most overused basketball quotes, that means “what happens on the field does not lie”. If this is true, and it is true, Anthony Davis is more than ready to become the next big thing among the NBA Olympians. In New Orleans he became the prototype of the future of the player: able to do everything and do it very well. According to Sport Illustrated Davis is the next superstar in the line of succession for his signature with Nike. We expect it total and futuristic. As his game is.

Silence, is Kobe Bryant focus Moment

Kobe Braynt will retire after this season. He will remain a large number of things, some of which recounted here, but especially his obsession for training, physical and beyond. The experience of Nike's reporters is perfectly in line with the spirit of Zen Kobe; phrases like "the shark is in your head" or "hurts more the moment of defeat that many hours of training" really belong to his luggage. Nike reveals two interesting details of the creator of Kobe 11: for much of his career Kobe began the day with 10-15 minutes of meditation. The celebral player - one of the nicknames of Kobe - is used to go by helicopter to the Staples Center during home games of the Lakers. Things for Kobe.

I kinda like Girls Night

The MVP of last season's WNBA (the championship women's basketball) Elena delle Donne is certainly an athlete who could make you fall in love with the game at any moment. Italian origins (very far actually), she was born in Delaware but she's currently based in Chicago, and she's so in love with the city she called her dog Wirgley. Word of the Nike special reporters.

Uncle Drew is always dribling

Kirye Irving owes its nickname - one of the last truly beautiful in NBA - to an old Nike ads. The number 2 in Cleveland was one of the last to have a signature and is one of the strong men of which the Nike tip, especially now that he is back from the injury that  last year cost him the ring to the Cavs. The mania of his ball-handling is not random: an interesting anecdote of Nike told how, as a child, he used to wrap the ball in a plastic card to make the bounce more unpredictable.

King Attitude

LeBron James has built his entire career around his attention to the detail, as well as an amazing body and talent. So the rings, the Olympic gold medals and the hundreds of signatures sold in the World and the lifetime contract with Nike came. During the last Finals he suspended all his social contacts to be more focused, and in the summer of 2014 he eliminated carbohydrates and sugar from his diet for 67 days. All this to be at his maximum. Maybe his cakes are not very good, and beat him with the playstation not so easy (because he sees this as a great workout) but, hey, we're talking about the King.

As in all the stories, we have reached a moral. Peanut, Sean, Toni and Angel have learned that there are too many incredible players to choose one. Have you chosen yours?