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Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets - Nickname War

Do the right thing

Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets - Nickname War Do the right thing

Finally it happened . FInally the marketing won, once again.

Despite the many criticisms that the idea had received, last night the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets took to the field with the jersey with printed on their nickname. From the legendary "J. Shuttlesworth "to the improbable "Doc" Joel Anthony through the " The Truth "Pierce to the strange "Кириленко" of Russian Kirilenko .

The gimmick , which seems to have been very successful in the store , had been endorsed first by the Miami Heat ,excited to show off their nicknames that are among the most beautiful and the most creative in the league.

Disappointment for the one chosen by LeBron , who contented himself with a simple " King James" when everyone could not wait to see printed above the number 6 an iconic " Choose The One" that would be a marvelous addition to any one of a thousand posters that every night James gives to the media.

The Nets on the other side , we have revised with pleasure Jason "Jet" Terry once again arguing with LBJ, Garnett take the time machine and go back to the times of "The Big Ticket ", while we have probably figured out that Joe Johnson does not like the nickname "iso Joe" where iso is for Isolation (in basketball is when you play in one on one without involving the team) always applied to him by the newspapers.

The experiment will be repeated without doubt, pace of the purists of the jersey. The NBA before being a basketball championship , is one of the most amazing industries in the history of the business and as someone repeated ad nauseam : "It's all business baby"

Ah, in the USA they are really funny so there was also the jersey for the TV commentator: Jeff “Nototious” Van Gundy and Mike “Gray Mamba” Breen. Americans. 

Brooklyn Nets

• Andray Blatche: Dray Live

• Andrei Kirilenko: Кириленко

• Alan Anderson: Double

• Brook Lopez: Brooklyn

• Deron Williams: D-Will

• Jason Terry: JET

• Joe Johnson: JJ

• Kevin Garnett: The Big Ticket

• Mason Plumlee: Plums

• Mirza Teletovic: MT3

• Paul Pierce: Truth

• Reggie Evans: Joker

• Shaun Livingston: S Dot

• Tornike Shengelia: Tokomotiv

• Tyshawn Taylor: Tee_Y


Miami Heat

• Ray Allen: J. Shuttlesworth

• Chris Andersen: Birdman

• Joel Anthony: Doc

• Shane Battier: Battle

• Michael Beasley: B Easy

• Chris Bosh: CB

• Mario Chalmers: Rio

• Norris Cole: Cole Train

• Udonis Haslem: UD

• LeBron James: King James

• James Jones: JJ

• Rashard Lewis: Sweet Lew

• Roger Mason Jr.: Moneymase

• Greg Oden: G.O.

• Dwyane Wade: D. Wade