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Jersey che passione!

Do the Right Thing

Jersey che passione! Do the Right Thing

If I’m think back to when I was a child, I watched reruns of NBA games on Saturday afternoon, without understanding anything, I remember quite clearly as I stay entranced by these extraordinary athletes and jumps that were making, but even more my mouth gaped admiring games color emanating from the bright uniforms of 30 roster of the most beautiful league in the world.

Recently dress uniforms NBA has once again become fashionable and there has been a bully back of jersey in the closets of young people where the most common are undoubtedly those Lakers, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls especially in Italy and Europe.

But what are the most beautiful in the history of the game?

The idea of trying to draw some sort of classification came to me looking at the presentation of the jersey that the Lakers will wear on the  "Hollywood Night", jacket that without too many puns is simply fabulous.


10. 90s Atlanta Hawks

You can not fall in love with that eagle menacing drawn on this beautiful coat in fire red shaded with black. It's scary just to look at , let alone worn by boys what color a certain height. Crazy Jersey

9. Brooklyn Nets 2013

Ok , I admit it : the choice is certainly influenced by Jay-Z and collaboration with Givenchy. But both the white version that the black are very elegant, and it is certainly the most " fashionable " among those included in our ranking .

8. Early 90s Utah Jazz

If you love Jazz as this writer , you will not be indifferent to the vision of this jersey . Represents in a perfect way the origin of the franchise , originally from New Orleans , hence the name . It ' also the jersey of the Stockton- to- Malone , the couple's black and white most lethal of the story.

7. Steel -Grey S.A. Spurs

Mentality Spurs , Popovich - Duncan era that at least , perfectly summed up in this uniform . Hardness , elegance and style is enviable, as if we were listing the qualities of the Caribbean , but instead we go back to this beautiful alternate Texans

6. L.A. Showtime Lakers

Shooooowtime , was the cry that resounded at the Staples who won every time ( and trust me, many did) the Lakers of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul- Jabbar . They were gorgeous , and it was perhaps even more than their yellow ocher tunic with white-purple edges .

5. Orlando Magic '90s

A flood of memories accompanies the vision of this uniform , it's the jersey of Shaquille O'neal dominated the league , Tim Hardway and then also worn by Tracy McGrady . Simple, yet tremendously effective in both versions from home, away than at alternate version in total black . With that cast so damn American delivery this jersey directly to the story.

4. Seattle Super Sonics 90s

The mesh of The Glow , aka Gary Payton green as the colors themselves with the written SONICS -style pop, 90s perfectly .

3. NY Knicks 90s

I could not pay homage to the NY Knicks , and then we chose the most classic of their jersey . Worn by Pat Ewing , and often from their biggest fan: Spike Lee, who did not lose a game of his beloved Knickerbockers (a name referring to the New Yorkers and that comes from the Dutch origins of the Big Apple )

2. Miami Heat Total White

Alternate version of the mesh in which the Heat playing at Triple A. In particular, the three - times -NBA -champions have worn this beautiful jersey at the White Hot Weekend from which is derived the beautiful ( and successful ) habit of dressing the entire building in white during the home games .

1. Toronto Raptors 90s

What can I say ? LA jersey par excellence. Never in my opinion has been reproduced a ' uniform which together enclose inspiration, pop-culture , and lively as the one worn by the Canadians in the years ' nineties. If we then imagine Vince " Vincanity " Carter literally fly to the basket you're done , you tear off the head and never such a masterpiece .


Mention all the NBA jersey would be impossible, as it will be impossible to get everyone to agree: there are those who can select tradition, who elegance, even those who most colorful and unique, but one thing is certain: jersey, what a passion!