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Here comes the collaboration between Arena and County of Milan

An important step towards the brand's lifestyle switch

Here comes the collaboration between Arena and County of Milan An important step towards the brand's lifestyle switch

arena announces an extraordinary collaboration for 2024, creating a capsule with the brand County of Milan, founded by the renowned Argentine designer Marcelo Burlon. The partnership marks a bold step for arena, known for its dedication in the performance field, as it ventures into new horizons merging technology and style in contemporary lifestyle. The project revolves around the fusion of two distinct worlds – arena's expertise in performance and County of Milan's trendsetting aesthetics. The collaboration gives life to a unique collection that combines fashion, art, and urban culture in an unprecedented blend. Argentine designer Marcelo Burlon, with his distinctive signature and original vision of contemporary street fashion, has closely collaborated with arena's design team to create a collection that reflects the essence of both brands. The fusion of arena and County of Milan's distinctive logos is creatively applied to the products, creating an original and distinctive brand identity. The feather, an iconic symbol of the brand, is reinterpreted in a modern key to adorn garments destined for young urban and contemporary tribes. This extraordinary synergy promises to introduce a new project in the lifestyle landscape, transforming the concept of performance and style into a unified experience. The collection will celebrate creativity, individuality, and innovation, blending arena's technical expertise with County of Milan's artistic flair.

"Our collaboration with County of Milan represents a unique fusion of technology and style, emphasizing our commitment to redefine the boundaries of contemporary fashion," says Kamila Pilwein, Marketing Director of arena. "We are thrilled to present this extraordinary collection that embodies the essence of performance and trendsetting aesthetics, in the name of refined street style. INSPIRED BY PERFORMANCE. Designed to fit. This is our mantra, inspiring our latest collections and leading us to broaden our horizons towards ever more meaningful views in the lifestyle world. The collaboration with County of Milan allows us to take a further step forward in our commitment to convey our know-how in the world of sports competition in fashion-related areas, where there is an increasing attention to detail and a quest for original and high-performing garments."

The collection is available on arena's website.