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Copa America’s best fonts

Many have taken advantage of the lack of regulations

Copa America’s best fonts Many have taken advantage of the lack of regulations

If Euro 2024 wasn’t enough, night owls football fans can also rely on the Copa America during this summer. The tournament is in full progress in the United States, it is the rehearsal for the FIFA’s Club’s World Cup scheduled for 2025 and the 2026 World Cup. The 2024 edition of the Copa America is extra large, meaning that nations from CONCACAF, the administrative body of the football federations from Central America, are also involved. Many teams and many different fonts: just like Euro2024, in Copa America too there isn’t a regulation which standardizes the team’s fonts. So here’s the most interesting.

Venezuela - adidas

Vinotinto have confirmed all the good things that they have shown during the World Cup qualifiers as they have obtained the qualification for the quarter-finals. This is the first major event during which the team is dressed by adidas: until the end of 2023 the kit supplier was Givova, Erreà was expected to take their spot but surprisingly adidas closed a deal with Venezuela.

For this Copa America the german brand has opted for a surprising font, geometric shapes in which each number seems to be composed by two different units when in reality it is a single block. That’s because of the optical effect generated by the cuts, small triangular inserts placed in the points where there should have been curves. The final result is the impression that each number is made up by two different blocks leaning on each other.

Uruguay - Nike

The 2024 Copa America also represents the first international tournament with the Celeste rocking the swoosh. A combination that united with the arrival of Marcelo Bielsa as coach has generated a great hype. And the result lived up to expectations with Nike creating two classic uniforms, one light blue and one white, with a minimal style. The font is different compared to the one seen on Brazil and United States’s jerseys, two other national teams branded Nike.

The numbers on the back are styled with a double font, including a vertical stripe in each number that uses the same color as the full shade but with small oblique lines for a depth effect. Also in this case everything is enclosed in well-marked geometric lines.

Canada - Nike

Credit must be given to Nike for their creative effort when it comes to this year Copa America. For every team a different font, a unique font to be more precise and this can be applied to Canada too. It is almost useless to point out that these are hard, almost squared geometric lines. 

This effect is also repeated for numbers such as 6 and 8 which require lighter, rounder shapes. Nike, on the other hand, tried to adapt the numbers as much as possible to this geometric solution and perhaps and the most optimal outcome has been attained with 0, a digit displayed on the jerseys in the shape of a hexagon with slightly smaller upper and lower sides compared to the diagonal external sides.

Panama - Reebok

There is also Reebok at the Copa America. To be accurate, Vector is also at the Copa America. For a couple of years now, Reebok has returned to showcase its historic logo on its products and in this edition of the tournament it can be found on the Panama’s jerseys. Nothing surprising in terms of style, two solid color shirts (red and white). The imagination was dedicated to the font.

Once more, geometric shapes take center stage, but this time with a preference for smoother and more rounded patterns, creating a softer look. This can be seen on both the front and back of the uniforms. Inside each number, a small strip was inserted perfectly in the middle and runs along the entire shape. A detail that works at its best on the white jersey while it provides a more basic effect on the red jersey due to the addition of the gold outlines.