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Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms for the United States Olympic team

Between racing gear and preppy

Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms for the United States Olympic team Between racing gear and preppy

Just over a month before the start of the Paris Olympic Games, the United States has also unveiled the uniforms they will wear at the sporting event. Among the various pieces, there are, of course, those that will be worn during the highly anticipated opening and closing ceremonies. These have been designed by Ralph Lauren, who has been dressing the U.S. team since 2008 - covering nine sporting events between the Olympics and Paralympics. For this summer edition, the brand of America's most famous designer has focused on an interesting mix between race gear and preppy, effectively importing a foundational part of American heritage to Europe. «We are proud to dress Team USA,» stated David Lauren, head of branding and innovation at Ralph Lauren, as reported by CNN. «We have worked very closely with the athletes and the Olympic Committee to create a collection that tells a story about America. We want the athletes to feel like ambassadors of American leadership, culture, and sportsmanship,» Lauren continued.

During the opening ceremony, the American athletes will wear an outfit consisting of a blazer and denim, completed with an oxford shirt and a navy tie. To give the right preppy touch, the blazer is finished with white and red bicolored edges. It is interesting to note how Ralph Lauren chose to pair the blazer with denim, effectively recalling some of his most iconic outfits. The designer, a noted style icon in the United States and around the world, is also remembered for popularizing a look that was rarely seen at the time; the blazer was primarily worn as part of a suit, or at least paired with trousers of the same material, never with jeans. For the closing ceremony, however, the U.S. athletes will wear a racing-inspired all-white denim outfit. The flag bearers of Team USA at the opening and closing ceremonies will wear a different version of this look, to elevate the importance of their appearance.

In addition, the athletes will also receive items from the commemorative Villagewear collection. Named after the Olympic Village, this clothing line (the only one available for purchase) will feature versions of OG pieces by Ralph Lauren. Jackets and sweaters, rugby shirts, knitwear, joggers, and t-shirts. «Ralph Lauren has once again created designs that not only capture the essence of American style, but also embody the spirit and pride of Team USA,» stated Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. In the presentation campaign, the collection pieces were worn by Daryl Homer, Chiaka Ogbogu, Daniela Moroz, and Melissa Stockwell. There is very little time left until the Paris Olympic Games, and it will be very difficult to match or surpass the beauty of the U.S. uniforms.