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The style of the Poland national team manager, Michał Probierz

And why do they call him the Polish Pep Guardiola?

The style of the Poland national team manager, Michał Probierz And why do they call him the Polish Pep Guardiola?

His name is Michał Probierz, the manager of Poland national team, the man who has the daunting task of solving the offensive problems of a national team that, even before the start of Euro 2024, faced the injuries of Arkadiusz Milik (left out of the squad), Karol Świderski (in a borderline comical situation, but quickly recovered) and appeared with a struggling Robert Lewandowski. The dynamics of the white-red squad become even more complicated when considering the persistent transfer rumors that threaten to distract one of the most important players in the squad: Wojciech Szczęsny – whose future is hanging between Juventus and Al-Nassr. But from Probierz’s steady and determined gaze, it seems that these obstacles do not intimidate him at all. The manager from Bytom seems to be the right person to spur 23 men to give their best, even though the first match against the Netherlands did not go so well. And despite the Polish national team not being one of the most anticipated at Euro 2024, Probierz has still managed to attract attention in his own way.

If you were surprised by the look of the manager during the first outing of the Polish team, know that there is a good reason for it. Probierz, in fact, has an exclusive contract with LANCERTO, a Polish brand that provides and creates exclusive total looks for the manager of Poland. Indeed, on the brand’s e-commerce, there is a section dedicated to all the clothes worn by Probierz since the partnership began: an extremely convenient way to replicate all the manager’s outfits. Obviously, LANCERTO is also the fashion partner of the Polish national team, but it pays particular attention to making Probierz’s look unique. In fact, it is among the formal wear brands that create different uniforms for the technical staff and players – as was the case with the Italian national team at Euro 2021, sponsored by Emporio Armani. LANCERTO produces formal clothing: all types and patterns of suits, footwear, knitwear – in short, everything needed to dress a football team for a unique occasion like the European Championship.

However, LANCERTO’s checkered patterns are their strong point, the same ones that appear on Probierz’s suits, making him look like he stepped straight out of the set of Peaky Blinders. Euro 2024 has only just begun, and we can already say with great certainty that no manager in the competition will be as elegant as Probierz. Furthermore, due to his facial features and graying beard, more than a few people have started calling him "the Polish Pep Guardiola". Certainly an ironic nickname, especially considering his relatively modest palmarès (2 Polish Cups and 2 Polish Super Cups with Jagiellonia and KS Cracovia). But after all, Probierz and Guardiola are very different from each other, especially in terms of the outfits they wear. The style of the former has nothing to do with the latter’s passion for brands like Rick Owens but especially Stone Island. Like it or not, Probierz’s style – embracing LANCERTO’s desire to dress in a much more special way compared to the informal attire of the players – is unique in the European landscape, and even according to Match of the Day (the BBC’s football news section), Gareth Southgate has been outclassed stylistically by Michał Probierz.