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More Than - Matteo Berrettini

The Hammer

More Than - Matteo Berrettini The Hammer

Matteo Berrettini

The Hammer

More Than - Matteo Berrettini The Hammer | Image 506897
More Than - Matteo Berrettini The Hammer | Image 506898

Matteo Berrettini has never left. Although the last few seasons have been slowed down by repeated physical problems, the tennis player who revitalised tennis in Italy with the incredible 2021 Wimbledon final remains one of the absolute stars of the circuit - thanks to his storming game and personality that never goes unnoticed. So much so that he has become one of BOSS' brand ambassadors, dressing him both on and off the court and emphasizing his timeless elegance and class with a racket in hand. And ahead of the ATP 250 in Stuttgart, which is now sponsored by BOSS and where the Italian tennis player is back on grass again, Matteo Berrettini is the new star of More Than.

Matteo Berrettini has already triumphed twice in Stuttgart and has a special relationship with the German city: "Yes, Stuttgart has a special place in my heart. It's a tournament that I've already won twice, but since BOSS joined as the main sponsor, the event has become even more special to me". And his return to the course is also linked to his relationship with his sponsor. "I have a very close relationship with BOSS and the whole BOSS family in Metzingen means that I can enjoy their support. The Stuttgart tournament also marks the start of the grass season, a surface I really enjoy playing on and on which I have achieved some of my best results in recent years."

Indeed, Berrettini's physical and relentless tennis finds a strange balance between power and elegance on the noblest surface, which is amplified in the most critical moments of a sport where the mental component is as important as the athletic one. And Berrettini is an Italian one-off on grass, a surface that is almost extinct and on which the already weak Italian tennis tradition has never been successful, but is more suited to clay. Instead, the Italian tennis player's attacking game comes into its own better when the ball runs wild on the blades of grass with short, intense rallies. "I'm extremely motivated at every tournament I enter, but with BOSS as my title sponsor, I almost feel like I'm playing in front of my home crowd. Yes, I think the feeling and energy I get when I play in Stuttgart is really unique and special."

But Berrettini was also able to shine off the court, especially when he showed his lifestyle and fashion side. "When I had some time between tournaments and training blocks, I enjoyed exploring the world of fashion. I think my relationship with fashion is unique in that while I have an on-court relationship as a tennis player, I also have a keen interest and passion for fashion outside of the sport. I am very proud of how we have bridged the gap between the two worlds together with BOSS." The partnership with the German brand came about organically as both parties are keen to speak the same language between sportswear and high fashion. "I've always admired BOSS, so when I learnt there was an opportunity to collaborate, I was motivated and excited to join in and help them conquer the world of tennis. I am very proud of the capsule collection and to have worked alongside the other BOSS testimonials in their global campaigns over the last few years."

“I always love playing in black with a few delicate stripes of the iconic BOSS colors: black, white and camel. On grass of course, outfits need to be predominantly white.”
More Than - Matteo Berrettini The Hammer | Image 506894
“I always love playing in black with a few delicate stripes of the iconic BOSS colors: black, white and camel. On grass of course, outfits need to be predominantly white.”
More Than - Matteo Berrettini The Hammer | Image 506895

As a BOSS brand ambassador, he has of course also upgraded his style on the tennis court, where he appears in thoughtful outfits. "The BOSS design team and I work together before the season to select the right materials, cuts and styles for each tournament. For example, when I play in Australia, where it's very hot, I prefer to play in white because it doesn't absorb the heat. In general, however, I always like to play in black with a few subtle stripes in the iconic BOSS colors: black, white and camel. On the pitch, of course, the outfits have to be predominantly white." Iconic colors and items that have become absolute classics over the years, worn both at matches and in everyday life. And as we enter a new golden age of tennis, both for the young talents now dominating the circuit and for a return of style inspired by the devil's game, who better than Berrettini to respond to this relationship with the fashion world.

"Since the time of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, or even before, I think tennis has always had a strong connection to fashion. I think tennis as a sport has the power to influence a lot of trends, and we're seeing that more and more. Also, the fact that the sport is so geographically diverse and played in such famous locations helps to capture the public's imagination." A fascination that is now also being reinforced by films such as Challengers by Luca Guadagnino, starring Josh O'Connor and Zendaya, which has also brought tennis to Hollywood. Berrettini hasn't seen the film yet, but "I can't wait to see it because I've heard a lot of good things about it. I'm also a big film fan. It's always special when such famous film stars are associated with tennis,' he tells nss sports and you can hear in his words the enthusiasm of someone who has seen how his sport has gained public awareness and interest in just a few years.

But tennis is not just about winning shots and impossible ball recoveries, it is also a sport where you have to take care of the mental aspect in order not to stumble into mistakes that are far more serious than the ones you make on the court. Berrettini has never shied away from talking about the difficulties he has faced in his career and encourages others to have the same courage: 'Yes, it's not easy, but I think it's very important to open up and talk about mental health in all areas of life, especially if you have the opportunity to do so.the mental health aspect is extremely important in life and is sometimes overlooked in terms of its impact on professional athletes and their performance. I am convinced that the mental and physical aspects are strongly linked. It is therefore important that both aspects are trained and nurtured in the best possible way." A work on himself that has led him to overcome those ghosts that you sometimes fight with on the tennis court and that are even more dangerous than the opponent on the other side of the net. And Berrettini had to defeat many of them in order to return to the highest level he is capable of. In doing so, he helped other colleagues who found themselves in the same situation, as well as ordinary tennis fans who see him as a reference figure. “I get a lot of messages thanking me for speaking openly about it and helping many people through difficult times in their lives, and that makes me very happy”.

As much as it means dedicating yourself fully to your discipline as a professional athlete, modern sportsmen and women have realised how important it is to create oases of calm where they can switch off before their next competitions. "In the past, the best thing was to go on holiday and spend time with family and friends. I really enjoy going to the beach and I think that's the best place to switch off. Spending time with the people closest to me, my friends and family, allows me to distract my mind and appreciate the simple things in life".

But now Berrettini is ready for the challenge at the most important time of the year, as he says he "hopes to be healthy for the rest of the season". He also doesn't want to miss the great celebration of Italian tennis, as he was the one who ushered in this magical era: "I want to play as many tournaments and matches as possible. I know that I will then be able to climb up the rankings and fight for the biggest trophies in the world again."

Photographer Max Hoell
Stylist Andrea Colace
MUAH Hicham Ababsa
Ph. Assistant Matheus Agudelo
Interview Lorenzo Bottini
Project by nss sports

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