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3 crazy Serie B stadiums you should definitely visit

The perfect trips for your weekends

3 crazy Serie B stadiums you should definitely visit The perfect trips for your weekends

If, like me, you are an insatiable consumer of every possible match involving 22 people in a playing rectangle, this article, which has more the form of a guide, is for you. This year, in fact, thanks to the big cities that have made it to the Serie B, my attention has absolutely turned to the Serie B. There are six regional capitals present in the tournament, a very rare statistic that has not been seen for quite some time. In fact, there are many noble lapses and excellent promotions, all ready to do battle for the only 3 places available for the paradise called Serie A. Palermo, Bari, Venice, Genoa, Perugia and Cagliari are the six mentioned, but in reality it was all the others present that convinced me that Serie B would be my championship.

Towards the end of last year I even came to Frosinone, first in the standings and winter champions, to take a closer look at the third Italian club after Juventus and Udinese to equip themselves with their own stadium, where the ciociari are preparing their new assault on Serie A. There are many minor league stadiums I want to visit, and one of them is definitely the Marassi, the home of Genoa, a team that is trying to climb the league table to the tune of big market deals, trying again to return to the league where it has been a regular presence for several seasons now. But while I plan the next crazy away trips, I leave you with the first three stadiums that you should visit at all costs during this season, a first piece of advice for you insatiable hungerers for raw, sometimes boring football, but which is right for you if you cannot resist the allure of the bleachers full of humidity, fans and smoke.

1. Pier Luigi Penzo - Venezia

Needless to say, the first stadium is that of Venezia. Personally I believe there is no better structure than the one in the strangest and most peculiar city in the world. I have now lost count of all the times I have visited the Penzo, but the fact that I can reach it either by boat or on foot makes each time the experience as if it were the first. A stadium surrounded by water, where every ball is in danger of being lost forever, who knows how much the club spends every year. A piece of advice you will surely have read in many places, but if you are still undecided, don't delay, the Penzo is one of those stadiums you must visit at least once in your life to understand what the claim in the Veneto team's bio means: 'Football on water'.

2. Comunale G. Sinigaglia - Como

From the Lagoon to the Lake, from Veneto to Lombardy. At the foot of the Pre-Alps set in a breathtaking setting is the Como stadium. A stadium that dialogues with the Renaissance architecture around it and which you obviously cannot avoid visiting once in your life. Before entering to watch the match, you will have the opportunity to pass through a scenic area where you will be enchanted by the mountains and private villas that characterise Italy's deepest lake. As in Venice, you will also have the opportunity to get to the stadium by boat or plane for the more courageous, in short another must-visit.

3. Druso- FC Südtirol

From the lagoon and the lake we now come to the mainland. In the season of their arrival in Serie B, Südtirol completed the structural modernisation, making the Druso Stadium compliant with the league's required standards. Unfortunately, given the location it is not exactly easy to reach, I myself have not yet managed to plan an away trip to the cold city of Bolzano. Soon, however, I will embark on this journey because the stadium's structure is the most unusual in Serie B, as it lacks the classic 'curves'. Yes you got it right, no curves, the Bolzano stadium has only two large stands ready to accommodate around 6,000 people. A pearl absolutely worth visiting, also because the construction of the two curves is already planned and will be realised in the event of promotion to Serie B and subsequent salvation and maintenance of the category, so given the current fourth place, you should plan a visit as soon as possible.